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Locko bounces back, says accident was a scary moment

Cameroonian RnB sensation Locko has said he is ready to get back on stage after his traumatic accident. News of…

Cameroonian RnB sensation Locko has said he is ready to get back on stage after his traumatic accident.

News of Locko’s accident alongside his manager and some members of his team spread like wildfire on February 7. Many Cameroonians had taken to social media calling for prayers for the Ndutu artist.

Today, the singer sounds enthused and ready to hit the stage again. The car accident, he says remains a bad memory.  “It was a really scary period in my life, but thank God, my friends and I, we are alive and we are taking our time to recover”.

Sam Arthur Locko Samba popularly known as Locko told CRTV’s Pochi Tamba on March 28 that he is recovering well from the accident. Locko said even though his staff advised him to stay home for a month or two to heal properly, he had insisted to perform for his fans. “It is very important to tell my fans that I am still out there. I will not stay at home and rest”. I will be playing all my hit songs”.
Asked on what inspires him, the artist says very random things motivates him. “I can be inspired by a story that a friend tells me, or by a movie that I watch. I just get inspired by everything that surrounds me and I try to make it beautiful”. Locko started singing quite young and acclaims his uncle Muna Sawa for defining the musician in him “Muna Sawa plays like seven different instruments and sings like really good. And he was trying to teach us different instruments. He tried to teach me guitar and my elder sister piano”.

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Locko overwhelmingly sings about love, with a clear tilt towards celebrating women. His releases like Simple friend, Perfect girl, Margo and Ndutu has drawn in more female fans to his brand. As luck would have it, Locko is a devoted advocate for the promotion of women’s rights.  He describes Female Genital Mutilation as scary and horrible. In his opinion, girls and women who fall victims to sexual assault or FGM should fight to come out of the trauma, and the best way as he puts it, is to break the silence.
On his 2017 plans, the songster discloses that 2017 will be full of surprises and promises not to fail his fans. “In April, I am expected in Canada, and in the United States. There is also a China tour that is under discussion”. The thing though to watch out for this year is a brand new album, for which the artists says he is working extra hard for. “I want it to be the craziest” he said.


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