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Le Coq sportif Draggs Fecafoot To Court For Breach Of Contract 

The French equipment through its president announced that they had taken the football federation to court on Tuesday accusing them…

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The French equipment through its president announced that they had taken the football federation to court on Tuesday accusing them of abuse and canceled the contract.

The FECAFOOT-Coq Sportif affair will now be played out in court. “We inform you that we are assigning the Cameroon Football Federation to obtain the continuation of its contractual commitments until the natural expiry of our contract, i.e. December 31, 2023”.
Le Coq Sportif announced last Wednesday the assignment of Fécafoot, whose president decided to terminate the contract that binds the brand to the Cameroonian football governing body, more than a year before its term. Samuel Eto’o’s decision took effect on July 24, the day after the recent African Cup of Nations (CAN) of women’s football in Morocco.
Though Samuel Eto’o continues to use the Coq Sportif jerseys, (he recently gave one jersey last Wednesday, August 03 to the French international player, Griege Mbock), Fécafoot has since July launched a call for tenders for the recruitment from a new equipment supplier. In particular, ten companies applied and the ad hoc committee responsible for studying the offers selected three of them. These will be submitted to the FECAFOOT Executive Committee.
And “the name of an equipment manufacturer respectful of its commitments and proud to associate its name with the prestigious Indomitable Lions label will be unveiled in the coming days”, announced the secretary general of Fécafoot on Tuesday.
Only, Le Coq Sportif, which has already warned Fécafoot, intends to carry out its threats. “However, we did not fail to draw FECAFOOT‘s attention to the necessarily wrongful and abusive nature of such termination, insofar as we did not breach any of the contractual commitments that were incumbent on us as equipment supplier of the FederationCameroonian for more than three years,” wrote Marc-Henri Beausire, president of French firm Le Coq Sportif.
The president of the French firm had already seized the president of Fécafoot on July 11 to invite him to reconsider his decision. “We have already mandated our usual Council to initiate all legal proceedings allowing us to obtain compensation for the damage suffered, which unfortunately will have significant consequences for FECAFOOT”, had warned the president of the firm.
Le Coq Sportif is confident about the outcome of the trial awaiting Fécafoot and promises to also assign the possible equipment supplier who will engage in the meantime with the Cameroonian football governing body.