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Kamto’s claims of winning presidential polls is witchcraft -Tchiroma

Cameroon's Communication Minister and spokesman of the government has liken Kamto's claims of winning the country's just ended presidential elections…

Cameroon’s Communication Minister and spokesman of the government has liken Kamto’s claims of winning the country’s just ended presidential elections to witchcraft.

Professor Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement,CRM, had declared himself winner barely twenty four hours after polls closed in Cameroon. In a press conference on Monday October 8, Kamto said he was asked to kick a penalty and he took the call and scored a goal.  “I have received a clear mandate from the people and I intend to defend it until the end”, Kamto said.

His declaration caused both positive and negative uproar from different stakeholders. While many acknowledged the move, others condemned him for trying to plunge an already “peaceful” country into crisis.

Government on it’s part vehemently condemned Kamto’s declaration. Government spokesman, Tchiroma in a press briefing later in the day, said Kamto is an outlaw, and an agent poised on destabilizing the country’s peace and serenity.

Minister Tchiroma, indicated that Prof. Maurice Kamto, has gone against all the legal dispositions of the country, and his malicious intentions are being investigated for proper attention.

“A professor of law of his caliber cannot pretend he doesn’t have malicious intentions. His utterances are not only against the legal dispositions of our beloved nation, but it is most especially, a threat to the peace and serenity we enjoy in this country. He is therefore an outlaw, and must be treated with all the force and regulations enforced,” Minister Tchiroma said.

The Government Spokesperson went ahead to indicate that all security and legal dispositions have been put in place to unmask and thwart any malicious moves taken by the CRM flagbearer.

He also called on Cameroonians, especially the youths, not to be manipulated by the inflammatory moves of Prof Maurcie Kamto.
“I cannot elaborate on all the security and legal dispositions that have been taken here. Be rest assured that measures are unfolding underground, to prevent any derogatory moves from the self-proclaimed president. I also want to use this opportunity to call on all Cameroonians to know that their country is under attack, and should implore all necessary moves to prevent any destabilization coming from wherever,” Minister Tchiroma insisted.