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Kah Walla to boycott Presidential election

The Cameroon Peoples Party will not be participating in any electoral process this year because the current setting in the…

The Cameroon Peoples Party will not be participating in any electoral process this year because the current setting in the country is not favourable for the process, the party’s leader Edith Kahbang Walla has said.

The failure to implement credible electoral reforms and the current socio-political climate in the North West and South West regions do not provide a favourable atmosphere for credible elections to hold in Cameroon, Kah Walla said.

“We are not going for elections where it is a setup for one person to win. We have been doing that for thirty years (but) it has not worked so we are not going in for that,” Kah Walla told a press conference on May 8 in Bamenda.

“We want an independent electoral comission, we want a good biometric system to register, we want a two-round (Presidential) election… things that we will be able to say we have  a good and proper election. Going to accompany Mr. Biya so many times (in the elections) has not worked,” Kah Walla who was the first woman to run for the Presidential election in Camerron in 2011 questioned the country’s electoral system.

According to Kah Walla, the government in place wants to show its legitimacy to the rest of the world by organising elections by all cost. She thus laments the fact that it was an opportunity for all political parties of the opposition to come together and device a strategy that will force the regime’s hands.

“We would have loved with our opposition colleagues for us to sit down  bcaeuse we see this election as an opportunity for us to push the regime’s back to the wall,” she said.

“We can not move forward today with the constitution of Cameroon as it is.We can not move forward with the National Assembly today as it is, we can not move forward with the Supreme Court today as it is. We have to to reform all the institutions, then we can talk about elections,” Kah Walla challenged the institutions.

The CPP President also used the opportunity to address the escalating nature of the Anglophone crisis after visiting some internally displaced persons in the two regions.

She believes only a transitional government can begin healing the wounds of the country that have come as a result of the crisis.

Cameroon is due to hold three crucial elections -Presidential, Council and Legislative- later this year amidst unrest in the two English-speaking regions of the country as seperatists call for a partition of the country.


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