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Japan renews support towards Cameroon’s internally displaced persons, refugees

The Government of Japan has renewed its support for internally displaced persons and refugees as well as supporting peace and…

The Government of Japan has renewed its support for internally displaced persons and refugees as well as supporting peace and security in Cameroon, by granting new contributions of over 5 million US dollars to programmes of United Nations agencies in 2018.

According to a press release issued recently by Cameroon’s UNDP, The strategic objective of the continued assistance from the government of Japan aims to support the Government of Cameroon at reinforcing the resilience of those affected by displacement and violent extremism in the East, and the three Northern regions of the country. This support will also support the Government of Cameroon’s role in peacekeeping operations across the region.

Speaking on the support contributions, the Ambassador of Japan, H.E Kunio Okamura, said “The contribution reiterates the support and solidarity of the Japanese people towards Cameroon and shows great respect for the hard work accomplished by the Government of Cameroon and United Nations organizations to provide sustainable solutions to the growing and urgent needs of populations affected by crises”.

The release also states that the funding is principally allocated to the United Nations Development Program(UNDP), to be jointly implemented by the United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR).

According to the release, Japan’s support is allocated as follows:

  • 2,060,000 USD for “Empowering Youth for Peace, Security and Resilience in the Far North of Cameroon” (to be jointly implemented by UNDP and UNFPA). The general objective of the project is to ensure that peace and stability around the Lake Chad basin is improved by addressing conflict and violent extremism through economically empowering vulnerable groups (young men and women) and strengthening the capacity of communities to address violent extremism and reintegrate vulnerable people.
  • 1,000,000 USD for “Providing assistance to IDPs, refugees, returnees and host communities in the Far North region of Cameroon” (jointly with UNHCR). The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the levers of peace and to build stability in designated high priority areas “villages of opportunity” through the promotion of social cohesion and conflict resolutions mechanisms, the provision of livelihood support, as well as support for the improvement of overall living conditions of vulnerable populations.
  • 1,660,000 USD for “Support to EIFORCES’ Capacity Building for Security and Peace Interventions” to be implemented through UNDP. The project aims at strengthening the institutional capacity of the International School for Security Force (EIFORCES), through strategic planning capabilities, updating the quality of its training equipment to meet international standards, and developing its research and networking activities to reinforce civilian and police contributions to national security, multidimensional Peace Support Operations and humanitarian assistance in the Central African Sub region and beyond. About 6,276 personnel including Gendarme, Police, academics, civil servants and members of the civil society, mostly from Central Africa and West Africa are the direct beneficiaries of the project.
  • 600,000 USD for “Protection and Solutions for CAR and Nigerian refugees and IDPs in Cameroon” to be implemented through UNHCRThis project will provide international protection to CAR and Nigerian refugees in Cameroon through biometric registration, accurate and timely documentation, and access to legal assistance, preserving the civil and humanitarian character of seven sites in the East and Adamaoua and the camp in the Far North. Also, to prevent and respond to identified Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) cases, especially among women and girls, provide legal assistance, prevention and response services to children at risk, capacity building and advocacy for administrative authorities.

“Four years after the beginning of the multiple crisis impacting Cameroon, it is crucial to invest in empowering youth for peace, security, and resilience, whilst at the same time providing solutions to returnees and host communities. The new contribution of Japan is the expression of solidarity of Japanese people and a recognition of the generosity of Cameroonian people in hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees and Internal Displaced People (IDPs)” said the Resident Coordinator of the UN System in Cameroon- Allegra Baiocchi. Since the outbreak of these crisis in 2013, Japan has supported various UN agencies working with the Government of Cameroon to provide humanitarian assistance aimed at reducing the vulnerability of affected populations, especially youth and women, and strengthen their capacities and empowerment. Japanese contribution to humanitarian efforts in Cameroon has amounted to 41,130,000 USD since 2015.