Ivorian First Lady prays for peace

First Lady Dominique Ouattara, on Tuesday, prayed for peace in Cote d'Ivoire at the Parish of Our Lady of Tenderness…

First Lady Dominique Ouattara, on Tuesday, prayed for peace in Cote d’Ivoire at the Parish of Our Lady of Tenderness in Cocody (East of Abidjan).She was with Christian faithful and members of the government.

“May God take a look on our country, Cote d’Ivoire with mercy, remove the coronavirus from our country and calm the hearts of bereaved families,” Dominique Ouattara told the press.

She observed that “unfortunately, in recent months and weeks, we have lost political, administrative and religious figures and today, the spiritual guide of the Muslims, Cheick Aïma Traore Mamadou”.

“Really, I hope that God brings comfort, especially to the bereaved families,” added the First Lady, who went to church accompanied by an important-looking delegation.

Bishop Emeritus Marie-Daniel Dadiet, officiating Mass, indicated that the First Lady’s initiative is “laudable”. 

He added that “praying for the dead is a duty of justice and charity. Our prayer for them constitutes a powerful suffrage before God.”

“Thank you therefore to the First Lady who thought of the victims known and unknown to all” and of the Covid-19 “by always asking for masses for the victims. We ask God to remove from our country the plagues of calamity,” he said.

Bishop Dadiet also begged the Lord to push back “wars, famine and humiliating poverty, which lowers the dignity of man to that of animals,” during the celebration of the Eucharist.

“As the fast started today, we wish all Muslims in Cote d’Ivoire and around the world a good month of Ramadan by asking the Lord to receive Cheick Aima Traore Mamadou in paradise,” he added.

Quoting an author, the Catholic bishop, noted that “peace is never acquired once and for all; it is constantly to be built.” 

In addition, the achievement of peace requires that everyone always knows how to be masters of their emotions.

Speaking, at the end of the mass, Mrs. Anne Ouloto, the Minister of the Public Service and the Modernization of the Administration, on behalf of the First Lady handed out to the pastoral college food donations, the value of which is estimated at 15 million CFA francs and 10 million in cash.

The parish priest thanked the First Lady for this act of kindness and generosity, before praying that God bless Cote d’Ivoire and her husband, President Alassane Ouattara, and assist him in his task