Israel strengthens ties with Ngaoundere University

This was during a one-week visit paid by the Ambassador of Israel to Cameroon Ran Gidor in Ngaoundere to assess…

This was during a one-week visit paid by the Ambassador of Israel to Cameroon Ran Gidor in Ngaoundere to assess the impact of Israeli cooperation with various stakeholders and how his country can continue strengthening their capacities.

The long-standing relations between Israel and the University of Ngaoundere was thoroughly scanned through durin HE Ran Gidor’s visit.

It was an opportunity to look at avenues of improving on the quality of infrastructure, capacity buuilding of teachers and trainers of the higher institution through the Mashav courses in Israel.

The Ambassador took special interest in visiting the the centre of excellenvce and innovation that has been put up on the campus and how it could be improved with Israeli technology and expertise.

The strengthening of cooperation ties was centre of the visit as the Ambassador led his delegation to visit the Agro-Industrial institution of the University of Ngaoundere, ENSAI, or the agro -industrial firm Maiscam as well as the Ngaoundere slaughter house.

Israel has provided expertise to Cameroon on the cultivation of mangoes.

Israel has giving an important place to agriculture in its relations with Cameroon and it was an opportunity to visit the mango site in Ngaoundere and see how the Israeli embassy could expand the Mango-value chain project, tri-lateral cooperation GIZ-Mashav-Minader, implemented in Binguela Agricultural School.

Two Israeli experts, Timna Shoer and Emmanuel Dassa last year drilled farmers and producers how to graft local mango plant during a seminar attended by trainees from all IRAD branches. It was thus imperative for the Ambassasor to assess the progress made as part of Israel’s outreach programs gto other regions of the country-far away from Yaounde.

The Ambassador’s trip was also marked by meeting with administrative, local and traditional authorities ad groups.



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