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Internet deprived female engineer launches scholarship search app

Lum-Neh Angela, a Buea based female engineer has launched an app dubbed Opportunity Space aimed at helping Africans discover and…

Lum-Neh Angela, a Buea based female engineer has launched an app dubbed Opportunity Space aimed at helping Africans discover and apply for scholarships online.

Lum-Neh Angela, a graduate from the University a Buea, one of the cities under government’s internet shut down, says she knows too well the difficulties Cameroonians face in getting scholarship opportunities online. Hear her; “In Cameroon, millions of students are not aware of the available scholarships at home and abroad which they could apply for, reason why many scholarships go untaken. The application process is equally time-consuming and hectic for the very few who try to apply, with little or no guidance from an expert to help them ensure their application is up to standards.”

Baffled by Time Magazine’s report which reveals how many students are still not aware of the close to $3 Billion scholarship opportunities are available for Africans each year, Angela and her team decided to develop the Opportunity Space app. The app is a scholarship-matching platform which helps Cameroonian students at home and abroad find financial aid for college by delivering a smarter, targeted list of scholarships that uniquely suit their preferences.

To use the app, Angela says candidates will have to fill out tree simple parameters; where they would like to study, their field of study and their level of education. Opportunity Space she went on, will then use its comprehensive algorithm and constantly updated scholarship database to deliver a verified and personalised list of scholarships to the candidates.

The young Cameroonian tech girl added that the app eases scholarship search by providing strong filters which will narrow down the huge number of scholarships in the database to present a short list of suitable and relevant scholarships to the candidate.

In essence, the app helps students to easily access personalised scholarship search, real-time access to relevant scholarships, easy tracking of deadlines, timely notifications and mentorship.

Angela says creating Opportunity Space is her own way of showing gratitude after winning a huge scholarship from the African Leadership University in Mauritius.” I wanted to help other Cameroonian youths gain access to quality education worldwide. My team’s vision is to bridge the financial gap for Cameroonian youths who wish to study abroad by providing access to academic opportunities worldwide using low-cost technologies”. The Opportunity Space boss is also one of the entrepreneurs selected for this year’s Tony Elumelu entrepreneurship program.


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