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Humanitarian crisis feared in SW, as Munyenge, Bafia locals wonder in forest

A social worker in the South West Region has raised an alarm of an impending humanitarian crisis that may hit…

A social worker in the South West Region has raised an alarm of an impending humanitarian crisis that may hit the Region, if nothing is done to rescue some 30,000 villagers drawn from three cocoa producing villages in Fako Division of the South West Region of Cameroon from the wild.

The social worker, who spoke to on condition of anonymity on Thursday, May 5, 2018, said if Government does not step in to rescue the people of Munyenge, Ikata and Bafia, who have been wondering in cocoa farms and the wild, following clashes between the military and the separatist forces, then she should be prepared to face the worst humanitarian crisis in the history of Cameroon.

According to her, most of those who are fleeing from the clashes between the security and restorationist forces are mostly pregnant women, children and the elderly.

The social worker further revealed that the situation is further compounded by the fact that all medical facilities in the three villages have been shutdown, as the medics themselves are running away into safety.

“Both the military and civilians alike are dying because medical facilities both private and public within these affected villages have been shut down. Healthcare givers in these health institutions forcefully discharged their patients and ordered them to leave their respective hospitals as they struggled to safe their own lives first.”

She said even churches are not spared as security forces are ransacking everywhere to fish out any suspected element of the Ambazonia Defence Forces.

“As the military went in search of the separatist forces, houses were razed to ashes, including Palaces of Chiefs and ancestral.  This is what is going to trigger a humanitarian crisis in the South West Region because the entire Region is being reduced to ashes and the Government, Ministers, Senators, Parliamentarians are not saying anything. It stated in Kembong and then proceeded to Kwa-Kwa and Ndian. Kupe-Muanenguba recently experienced the inferno and now Munyenge in Fako, where do the Government through the military want this people to go? There is need for for an urgent solution to this crisis and burning down villages is not helping the situation,” the social worker stated.

It would be recalled that Munyenge, Bafia and Ikata have been volatile battle grounds in the ongoing Anglophone Crisis between Ambazonia Defence Forces and Government security operatives.

But matters degenerated again on Saturday, April 28, 2018, when the military launched an onslaught in the three villages, forcing thousands in this cocoa producing basin to escape into their cocoa farms.

These locals have reportedly been spending their nights around cocoa ovens for the fear of rains, while others have migrated to neighbouring Muyuka, Ekona, Ediki, Kumba, Malende, Buea among other towns  as the wait on Government to solve this problem once and for all.

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