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Hon Wirba raise concerns over his safety

Hon. Joseph Wirba Mbiydzenyuy, MP for the Jakiri Special Constituency has written a strongly worded letter to some diplomats stating that he…

Hon. Joseph Wirba Mbiydzenyuy, MP for the Jakiri Special Constituency has written a strongly worded letter to some diplomats stating that he is no longer safe.

In the letter, dated July 3, the MP who went on exile for six months after Government issued a warrant of arrest for him, says he is been trailed. “I do not feel safe, and I am not safe. My phone is hacked. I am trailed everywhere I go and to make things worse, reliable sources informed me that there are new plans underway for my arrest or possible physical elimination at anytime.

My source of this sensitive information is the same source that informed me on the December 19, 2016, that I was going to be arrested on December 20, 2016.”

Hon. Wirba told the diplomats that it is more difficult for him to continue living a normal life under such circumstances. He said “Consequently, since the Constitution that protects me has been waved aside by my own Government, I therefore plead with you to help protect and keep me safe through your high office”.

He says as a Parliamentarian for the nation, protected by the constitution of Cameroon, he spoke out for the voiceless English-speaking people on December 2, 2016.

Going by him, he was shocked that the Government quickly put the Constitution of the nation aside and ordered for his arrest.

Following such a development he had to escape to safety.

“After weighing all the options for my people while in hiding, I concluded as a patriot, who wants a better nation for his people, that I must come back to stand by my people despite the dangers involved.

It is this same patriotism that pushed me to talk to some Ministers some 12 years ago when I was not yet a Member of Parliament, indicating that our people were being hurt and that the Government approach could push people to rebellion,” he narrated.

In one of the copies of the letter that was addressed to the British High Commission in Yaounde, the MP began by highlighting the Anglophone Problem. Hear him: “Your Excellency, as you are well aware, the core issues related to the problems of the English-Speaking people of Cameroon, are very profound indeed.

This, to my humble opinion is as a result of the abject disrespect and neglect for our people and our culture. There is a complete lack of goodwill to dialogue with our people that dates back to 1961, when the union was formed between East and West Cameroon”.

He says the English-speaking people of Cameroon have been oppressed, abused, and their human dignity trampled upon for too long. To Hon. Wirba, Government policy towards English-speaking Cameroonians is directly threatening the unity of the nation.

Says he: “This is because Government cannot shoot down our children who demonstrate in protest against abusive neglect, torture university students and rape some, beat up and drag lawyers and teachers to jail, subject others to all forms of indignities and still expect these same people to like the same Government or have a sense of belonging. This has helped to push many of our people to the extreme.”

According to The Post, the MP has forwarded copies of his letter to the French, US, German Ambassadors and the British and the Canadian High Commissioners to Cameroon.


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