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Hold up on Kumba-Buea highway leaves passengers stranded

Traffic on the Buea-Kumba highway has been on a standstill since the start of the weekend as armed groups have…

Traffic on the Buea-Kumba highway has been on a standstill since the start of the weekend as armed groups have taken over patches along the road erecting barricades and road blocks.

The situation has left several passengers and business men on both sides of the two major cities stranded as they can not cross either side to go about their activities.

The situation degenarted on Friday evening when armed men attacked a gendarmerie control post in Muyuka, forcing the security forces to retreat.

Around localities like Mabonji and Ediki just into the entrance of Kumba, the armed men had equally mounted road blocks ordering all vehicles that were coming from Kumba that night to make a u-turn. learnt that the corpse of a man who had perished in an accident weeks ago on that stretch of the road was left stranded with passengeers due to the hold up.

It was only after considerable thoughts that family members made a u-turn with the corpse and decided to take the Mamfe route leading to Bamenda for the burial.

A passenger who was equally left stranded along the Ediki stretch of the road, told how he and a few others trekked before boarding bikes that left them in Muyuka town where they spent the night in inns around the locality that Friday night.

The situation was no weher near getting a solution on Saturday morning and most of them who had succeded in getting to Muyuka had to board canoes to cross through the mungo rivers in that locality to get to the Littoral Region.

At the other side in Buea, the Mile 17 motor park was flooded with stranded passengers and most were forced to spend the night in Buea. Several business persons returning from Douala with their goods were left stranded as some spent the night at the Mile 17 motor park.

Even the intervention of the military to clear road blocks in Ekona on Sunday evening did not restore traffic to its normal as armed men still camped on sections of the road.

Even at press time on Monday morning, residents in Muea and parts of Buea, talked of deserted streets and shops completely shut down with the local population fearing for the unknown.



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