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For heeding Consortium calls, traders kicked out of Buea council shops

Ekema Patrick, Mayor of the Buea municipality in the South West region has said fruit sellers observing ghost towns in…

Ekema Patrick, Mayor of the Buea municipality in the South West region has said fruit sellers observing ghost towns in the region as requested by te Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, are committing serious crimes against the state.

In a quit notice to fruit sellers at the Mile 17 park in Buea dated March 23, the mayor said the traders’ deviant attitude spites regulations which require them to operate everyday. He states in the notice that the traders’ respect for calls for ghost towns has caused stagnation in business activities within the municipality, which he says have caused a drastic reduction in revenue generation for the council.

Mayor Ekema, in the same notice, ordered the fruit sellers to quit the multipurpose business center before May 7. He also emphasises they should pay all pending dues they owe the council before leaving. He equally urged the fruit sellers to respect the present order so as to avoid any unfavourable measures the council might take against them.

Nevertheless, we learned from reporters in Buea that the ghost town called in protest against the celebration of the anniversary of the CPDM in Anglophone regions this March 24, was effective as of this morning. Our sources said by 8:30 am, shops which are normally opened at this time, were still closed. “The streets are void of people, though I can see empty taxis begging for passengers” one of the reporters told Journal du Cameroun.

It should be noted that the emblamtic and development oriented mayor of Buea has taken several measures to curb the impact on his municipality, of the on-going protests in the North West and South West regions. He is reported to have provided 20 taxis for trasportation within his jurisdiction; to be used particularly on days when the outlawed Consortium orders businesses and movements along the streets should be halted.

The boss of the town, popularly known for its legendary hospitality, has equally made repeated calls on parents to send their children back to school in order to secure a better future for them.

He has however been criticised for sending his children to study in schools which are not only out of his municipality, but in far-away Yaounde where citizens are reportedly secure and free from the fallouts of the on-going strike. His critics argue he should teach by example to avert being trampled upon by his political adversaries.

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