Guinea’s Colonel Doumbouya makes pledges

The coup leader, Mamady Doumbouya, promised on Monday in Conakry the formation of an “inclusive” government following the seizure of…

The coup leader, Mamady Doumbouya, promised on Monday in Conakry the formation of an “inclusive” government following the seizure of power by the Special Forces Group of which he is the Commander.A page is turning in Guinea. 

That of the reign of President Alpha Conde. 

In the morning of Sunday, the Group of Special Forces (GFS), under the orders of Lieutenant Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, a former legionnaire of the French army, stormed the presidential palace and captured the head of state and announced the dissolution of the constitution and institutions.

 On Monday 6 September, they promised, during a meeting with former dignitaries of the regime, the establishment of a “government of national unity” which will be leading the political “transition.”

 “A consultation will be opened to describe the broad lines of the transition, then a government of national unity will be established to lead the transition,” said the coup leader in his brief speech. 

However, he did not specify the duration of the consultation or of the transition.

 Lieutenant-Colonel Doumbouya also assured that there will be no “witch-hunt” against members of the former government. 

However, the latter are forbidden to leave the national territory for the duration of the transition. 

They have also been asked to deposit their travel documents and official vehicles at their General Secretariats.


The Commander of the Guinean Special Forces also reassured foreign partners and investors that the new masters of the country will keep their commitments. He asked the mining companies to continue their activities.


The National Committee for Rally and Development (CNRD), set up by the junta, reassured “economic and financial partners of the normal continuation of activities in the country,” said Mamady Doumbouya. “The committee assures partners that it will respect all its obligations,” he added.


The new strong man of Conakry also recalled the reasons for the overthrow of the Conde regime. He mentioned in particular “financial mismanagement, poverty and endemic corruption” or “the instrumentalization of justice (and) the trampling of citizens’ rights.”


Political prisoners are expected to be freed and a meeting with civil society and opposition parties will be held in the coming hours.


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