Guinea: Old foes Conde and Diallo join forces

The former president of Guinea Alpha Condé 84, and his arch rival Cellou Dalein Diallo 70, are joining forces if…

The former president of Guinea Alpha Condé 84, and his arch rival Cellou Dalein Diallo 70, are joining forces if the words of the latter are reliable indicators of this unlikely alliance.The two politicians have one thing in common – living outside Guinea since Mamady Doumbouya took power following the coup against Mr. Conde on 5 September 2021.

 The deposed president is currently in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, officially for medical reasons while Cellou Dalein Diallo is in Dakar, the Senegalese capital, since his departure from Conakry on 6 March 2021.

 The two political figures became fierce adversaries since the “controversial” election to the Guinean presidency of Alpha Conde in 2010. 

But the political reality in Guinea today has finally brought them together. 

On Monday 23 January, the president of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG) said he had communicated with Mr. Conde.


Inter-coalition talks


“I spoke with Alpha Conde even if he was a little reluctant, because he remains Guinean. On the other hand, I do not like to put out the content of my exchanges with personalities especially when they are private” said Cellou Dalein.


According to him, his party and that of Alpha Conde (RPG arc-en-ciel) or rainbow are developing a partnership. 

“We want the transition to be peaceful, successful and inclusive. That is why we demand a rapid return to constitutional order through free, transparent and inclusive elections. The RPG arc-en-ciel with whom we are talking agrees on this. That is why we have created the inter-coalition,” Diallo, a former prime minister said.

This statement comes as the hearings of victims of the bloody repression under the Conde regime began at the Conakry Court of Appeal. 

Many of the victims are considered to be militants or supporters of Cellou Dalein Diallo as they live mainly in Ratoma, one of the five communes of the capital, and an opposition stronghold.

 Cellou Dalein Diallo, who is no longer on the same wavelength with the transitional authorities, is in the sights of the Court of Repression of Economic and Financial Offences (CRIEF). 

Diallo is suspected to be involved in the sale of the only plane of independent Guinea, Air Guinea.