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Governor’s reinforcement of travel ban infuriates SW population

The Governor of the South West Region’s Order reinforcing the travel ban on five out of the six Divisions of…

The Governor of the South West Region’s Order reinforcing the travel ban on five out of the six Divisions of the South West Region has infuriated some inhabitants across the Region.

On Thursday, March 1, 2016, Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai, signed Regional Order No 006/RO/Gsw/.61/s.2/SG/DPOA, prohibiting the movement of commercial vehicles and private cars from 7:00pm to 6:00am in some five Divisions of the South West Region.
In article 1 of the Order, the Grand Officer of the National Order of Valour write “that the movement of vehicles and private cars shall, with effect from the date of signature of this Order, be prohibited throughout Manyu, Meme, Ndian Lebialem and Kupe-Muanenguba Divisions-South West Region from 7:00pm in the evening to 6:00am in the morning for a period of thirty (30) days renewable.

Deducing from the Governor’s Order, only Fako Division has been exempted from the travel ban.
The Senior Civil Administrator nonetheless stated that the ban shall not be applicable to ambulances and vehicles of administrators. Hear him: “That this prohibition shall not be applicable to ambulances, vehicles of Administrative Authorities and or officials of the forces of Law and Order carrying out official duties.

Okalia Bilai charged Senior Divisional Officers, Divisional Officers, Regional Heads of Defence and Security Forces and Mayors of the aforementioned administrative units to ensure the scrupulous respect of the Order.
Meanwhile, reacting to the Governor’s Order, Mathias Fotabong, an indigene of Lebialem Division residence in Buea, said the Governor’s Order is an aberration to freedom of movement.
“I am shocked by such an Order from an administrator like the Governor, who is supposed to be implementing the rule of law in his Region. Such a decision is an aberration to the basic human rights of freedom of movement. How does the Governor expect people who leave Buea to Fontem to arrive before 7:00pm with the poor nature of the road? I think the Governor is either not serious or he doesn’t know what he is doing,” Fotabong stated.

To Eta Bechem, the Governor’s Order is further exacerbating a situation that is experiencing relative calm. “How on earth can the Governor be issuing such an order at a time Cameroonians are trying to move on from what has happened?”
But Livinus Metuge thinks that the Government should start probing some of its administrators. “I am now convinced that some of these administrators are the ones fanning the Anglophone Crisis for their selfish interests. It’s high time the Government started looking into some of their decisions whether or not the decisions are taken in the interest of the State.”

Meanwhile, Governor Okalia Bilai has repeatedly stated that he will do everything within his powers to protect the territorial integrity of Cameroon and the lives and property of those within his administrative jurisdiction.