Former Rwanda Managing Editor launches political party platform

The former managing editor of 'The Chronicles' one of the main independent Rwanda newspapers, Dr Christopher Kayumba has officially announced…

The former managing editor of ‘The Chronicles’ one of the main independent Rwanda newspapers, Dr Christopher Kayumba has officially announced the launching of a political platform after he was released from prison where he served a one-year jail.A  statement obtained by APA in Kigali Thursday indicates that the newly  formed political organisation known as Rwandese Platform for Democracy  (RPD) is a forum to advance, and contribute to the development of a  freer, democratic, just, secure and sustainably peaceful and developed  Rwanda.

Dr Kayumba who is also a former senior lecturer at the  School of Journalism and Communication (EJC) at University of Rwanda  explained that founding members of RPD come from different walks of life  and social background.

According to him, the objective of RPD is  to contribute to ending this state of affairs and put the country  (Rwanda) on a more sustainable development, peaceful and democratic  path.

The launching of the new political party by the former  managing Editor comes after Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) announced  last month it has opened investigations into a young female journalist’s  allegation she was raped  by  Dr Kayumba.

A former student at  the University of Rwanda came out recently and testified that her  lecturer then, Dr. Christopher Kayumba, assaulted her and attempted to  force her into a sexual encounter from his house.

“He pulled and  pushed me on the couch trying to force me to sleep with him [sexual  intercourse],” a friend to the student narrated her ordeal in a Twitter  thread.

Apparently, the lady managed to escape Kayumba’s assault,  but she said it was “an eternity of emotional and psychological  torture.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Kayumba denies the allegations.

“That’s not true, and that lady who tweeted the allegations is paid to spread propaganda, nothing else.”