Fon of Nso defies Ambazonia separatists, maintains stance on “One Cameroon”

The Fon of Nso, Semh Mbinglo II has challenged his abductors by telling them he is and remains for a…

The Fon of Nso, Semh Mbinglo II has challenged his abductors by telling them he is and remains for a one, united and indivisible Cameroon.

The Fon has been in captivity since Thursday, November 5 when he was abducted alongside Cardinal Tumi and 11 others in Ngoketunjia as they were heading to Kumbo.

Christian Cardinal Tumi was released the next day but the Fon of Nso remains in captivity as a video has now emerged of him being questioned by his abductors.

The video first shared on social media by front line Ambazonia separatist fighter Eric Tataw does not however reveal the whereabouts of the Fon though the separatist fighters are heard in the video saying “Justice must take its course”.

Below is a full transcript of the video;

Voice of Ambazonia Separatist fighter: His Majesty, good morning.

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: Good morning.

Voice of Ambazonia Separatist fighter: You are currently in Ngoketunji and we are the Ambazonia Restoration Forces.  We have some few questions for you. His majesty, your royal highness, you as a Fon of the people of Nso, are you aware of the current crisis in your land?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: Yes, I am aware.

Ambazonia Separatist fighter: What have you done to protect your people and Ambazonia from La Republique(du Cameroun) in this crisis?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: I told the government(of Cameroon) that they should not be killing my people. That they should instead go in for a dialogue because this killing… tomorrow, what shall we have?

Ambazonia Separatist fighter: Your royal highness, we the people of Ambazonia, we see your name as a candidate for La Republique(du Cameroun) Regional Elections. Is that true?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: I am there as a Fon.

Ambazonia Separatist fighter: But we see your name as a candidate. That means you will be voted in the upcoming La Republique(du Cameroun) Regional Elections. Is that true? Are you a candidate?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: Yes! I have not seen it, but I have heard.

Ambazonia Separatist fighters: We have it here, I can show you. What do you have to tell us about that? That you are the Fon of the people, put on the throne by the people, and being respected by the people, and your people are being killed and then you are not going out to look for the solution, how you can stop your people from being killed and then you are instead going in for (the Regional) election. Do you see that as a way out? As a traditional ruler of the people, do you see that going in for an election in the midst of war when your people are being killed; are you seeing it as a solution?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: No! It is not the solution.

Ambazonia Separatist fighter: Then why do you accept that?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: I admit that I was not there when they were…

Ambazonia Separatist fighter: so you are not aware of it.

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: Yes

Ambazonia Separatist fighter: Let’s go very fast. Okay, you have heard about the killing of children in schools. You have heard about mysterious things that are happening to our children and teachers in schools. What is your opinion about school resumption in Ambazonia?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: When I will go back now (to my palace), my councilors and I will sit and see what we can do…. I cannot sit here and make a decision with you people.

Ambazonia Separatist fighter:  So upon all the killing of children in schools, kidnapping teachers, kidnapping students, what is your thought on that, about school resumption? 

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: I wouldn’t have accepted that the school should continue if the children are being killed. I cannot accept it.

Ambazonia Separatist fighter:  Now that our children really need that education, and they are trying to acquire the education and they’re being killed and kidnapped, what is your advice on that? How can we do for the children to effectively go back to school now in the midst of this war?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: That is a tough question for me.

Ambazonia Separatist fighter:  But the question is not tough until you have tried to answer. What is your own advice to others that are still going to school meanwhile there is a crisis in Cameroon?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: I will advise them to hold on first.

Ambazonia Separatist fighter:  Holding on forever or what do you think is the solution for us to put in place for our children to effectively go to school in the midst of this crisis?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: (remains silent…)

Ambazonia Separatist fighter: You don’t have something to say?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: No

Ambazonia Separatist fighter: I thought they had asked you a question. Now, lastly Mbeh, now that you are a Fon of the Nso people, you are an Ambazonian and you have told us here that you have been nominated a candidate for La Republique(du Cameroun) regional elections. And You have earlier told us that the Ambazonia Restoration Forces should stop fighting the government because we don’t have weapons. Now that you are here now, we consider you as an enabler. Do you know so? That you are enabling La Republique(du Cameroun) activities in Ambazonia because you have abandoned your people. Are you aware of that?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: No

Ambazonia Separatist fighter: Now that you are here. Any person that is enabling la Republique in this Ambazonia land, you are a blackleg to us. Now that you are here, the only thing that is going to happen here now is that justice is going to take its course. So, after your justice, what is your advice to other fons in Ambazonia, and chiefs?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: I will only advise them to work together with their people.

Ambazonia Separatist fighter:  By going in for regional elections?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: No

Ambazonia Separatist fighter: By telling the international community that peace is returning to Cameroon, that everything is normal, that normalcy has returned?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: No,  I said they say foreign countries will come before they start to settle the peace.

Ambazonia Separatist fighter:  As you are here now, heading to the village, are you for one Cameroon, Federation, or for Separation?

HRM Semh Mbinglo II: I am for one Cameroon.

Ambazonia Separatist fighters: Okay. Thank you very much. God bless you and let justice take its course. Wait, let me ask you some question…

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