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FCFA 630 million is meaningless without population, Mayor decries

The Mayor of Nguti Council, George Tong Enow, says despite the increase in the Council’s budget from FCFA 370 to…

The Mayor of Nguti Council, George Tong Enow, says despite the increase in the Council’s budget from FCFA 370 to FCFA 630 million in 2017, the increase is meaningless without a population to cater for.

The municipal authority was addressing Councillors of Nguti council in Kumba, during a recent council session that was dedicated to the examination and adoption of the Administrative and Management accounts of the council. The session held in Kumba because of the political upheavals in Nguti that has forced many people, including Councillors to desert the area.

During the session, the Mayor was worried that the people of his municipality, who are the main beneficiaries of the council’s development strides, are all living in the forest under deplorable conditions.

He exhorted the Councillors and the people of Nguti to turn to God in prayers for a solution to be sought.

“It is time for us to check at the contributions we have made in the lives of our people and what still has to be done and how to do it. Most of our children, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers have deserted their homes are have taken refuge in the forests where life is so difficult. Even though our balance sheet is positive, it should have equally recorded all our efforts and results achieved in ensuring and promoting our living together,” the Mayor asserted.

The Mayor thanked the administrative authorities for accepting to attend the Council session out of their area of command. He said despite the daunting challenges, the council was still able to achieve its development objectives.

“We were able to realise some projects, both within the Public Investment Budget (PIB) and the Council Investment Budget(CIB) in the domains of Basic Education, Health, Transport and Human Capital,” he said.

The Mayor admitted that even though the Council made some strides, the socio-political situation in the area greatly hampered their development efforts.

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