Famine feared in SW as price hike rocks Kumba

The South West Economic heartbeat, Kumba, is experiencing an unprecedented increase in the prices of basic commodities, which many people…

The South West Economic heartbeat, Kumba, is experiencing an unprecedented increase in the prices of basic commodities, which many people say, if not check, it could lead to food shortage.

Confronted by this worrying situation, the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Meme, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong, Friday June 22, 2018, convened a meeting, grouping security operatives, the Government Delegate to the Kumba City Councils, Mayors of Meme, the Divisional Delegates of Commerce and Livestock, butchers and the Presidents of Fiango, and Kumba Main Markets and other markets in the Division to deliberate on the situation and nib it in the bud before it escalates.

Speaking during the meeting, Ntou’ou Ndong, said the food situation is threatening and needed to be checked to enable the population continue having food and other supplies at affordable prices.

He decried the fact that basic commodities in the various markets across the South West Regional economic hub were already experiencing price hike, and instructed the various stakeholders to take steps to mitigate the situation.

The Prefect was bemused by the fact that a 25 kilograms bag of rice which hitherto sold at FCFA 18,000 and FCFA 19,500 now sells at FCFA 20,000 and FCFA 25,000.

A Bottle of cooking gas now sells between FCFA 10,000 and FCFA 20,000 up from FCFA 6000 and FCFA7,500. Other items such as candles have moved from FCFA 100 to FCFA 150, Sachet whiskies from FCFA 100 to FCFA 125 among others.

Meanwhile, for over three weeks now, the people of Meme Division have not been eating fresh fish due to an attack on a truck of the fish supplying company. During the ambush on the company’s truck, the driver of the company was abducted and up till date, his whereabouts is not known.

After the incident, the fish-supplying company has subsequently suspended all it supplies to Kumba. This has led to the increase in the prices of beef.

Beef which used to sell as from FCFA 1000 has now moved to FCFA 2000 and FCFA 2,500.

Meantime, taking the queue during the Kumba meeting, the Divisional Delegate of Commerce for Meme, Janet Bokwe, said the increases in the prices of basic commodity at this period in time were inevitable, but said her delegation is resolute to control the situation.

On his part, Felix Ebwekoh Ngwese, Meme Divisional Delegate of Livestock said the prevailing situation requires the exploration of other avenues for protein.

Both Ngwese and Bokwe told the administration that the insecurity in the Division is a problem which collaborators in the different sectors are also facing and appealed to Government to do everything within her powers to resolve the present security situation in the North West and South West Regions.

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