Ethiopia: Federal forces take control of strategic towns in Tigray region

The federal forces of Ethiopia on Friday took control of Maychew and Ambalagie, strategic towns in south Tigray region after…

The federal forces of Ethiopia on Friday took control of Maychew and Ambalagie, strategic towns in south Tigray region after they began a rolling counterattack back toward the capital, Mekelle.Information reaching APA revealed that fighters of the rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) who took control of various towns including Korem, Alamata, Korem and Kobo towns have been cut off from their command center in Mekele, capital of Tigray region.

The Ethiopian Defense Force (EDF) on Thursday said state media indicated that TPLF suffered defeats in several battle fronts in South Gonder, North Wollo and Waghumera zone, Sekota towns.

EDF said the 21st division of the army has reversed TPLF force’s effort to control Woldia city. The retreating force is engaged in the district of Gubalafto and Sanka areas. 

Getachew Reda, TPLF spokesperson, earlier claimed that his forces have controlled Woldia city, which does not appear to be the case based on information from credible sources with links to the city. However, some people left the city a few days ago after the TPLF shelled the city with heavy artillery. 

“The claim by Junta [TPLF] that it has controlled Woldia is false. It is continuing to use disseminating false propaganda as one strategy,” said the statement from the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

The insurgents have been looting government institutions and grain of farmers in areas where they have controlled over the past three weeks.

The federal forces counteroffensive restarted after Addis Ababa lifted the unilateral ceasefire it declared late June.

The TPLF forces that headed to South Gondar with the mission to cut off the Woldia-Bahir Dar route and proceed further to north Gonder did not succeed either.

Battle near Nefas Mewcha, according to unofficial social media sources, was a blow to the TPLF terrorists ; it is the Ethiopian parliament that designated them as terrorists. 

The causality, although unspecified, was too heavy. After losing a considerable portion of its forces, the only option was to escape from the region. However, TPLF forces will be facing a problem of getting a corridor to get out from the South Gondar region. If it is retreating further, it will be in North Wollo where it suffered several defeats. 

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