Ethiopia: Famine looms millions in rebel controlled areas

More than a million people in Ethiopia's Amhara region are suffering from famine conditions, with millions more at risk, in…

More than a million people in Ethiopia’s Amhara region are suffering from famine conditions, with millions more at risk, in areas under the control of the rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), APA reported Wednesday.Woldia, Lalibela, Kobo, Alamata, korem and Gashena which represent about one-fifth the Amhara regional state have fallen under TPLF’s firm control.

No phone or internet communication but information reaching APA from displaced people from the areas said members of the rebel force have been looting resources, destroying crops and grain warehouses that led millions  people there to starvation.

Some express a sentiment that the government has not done enough to dislodge TPLF forces from the area. n.

Belete Molla, head of National Movement of Amhara – one of the largest opposition political parties in the country, expressed similar sentiment in an update he shared on his facebook page. He seems to think that the people of Wollo are deliberately subjected to starvation. 

He said, “Let the whole world know this: entire communities subjected to starvation and thousands already dying every day in TPLF occupied towns and villages of North Wollo zone in Amhara region. Enough with politically trapping entire people and letting them die silently !!!” 

International aid agencies that have been crying foul on the alleged “blockade of humanitarian access to the Tigray region” seem to have entirely ignored the situation in North Wollo – from where more than 500,000 people have been displaced to date. 

The TPLF still controls some areas in Wollo, Amhara region of Ethiopia, Amhara  region’s president, Agegnehu Teshager said adding “we do not know about the circumstances of  4 million people in the region in the areas that are under TPLF control.” 

The Federal government does not seem to be responding either. Activists have been campaigning on Twitter. “Wollo_Famine” and “WolloCan’tWait” are among trending hashtags as the activists are trying to influence decision makers and actors in the humanitarian sector. 

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