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Education gets trampled upon in Cameroon

Secondary school teachers engaged on a sit down strike where they urge the government to regulate their status. Cameroonian public…

Gov(t strive at appeasing teachers plea

Secondary school teachers engaged on a sit down strike where they urge the government to regulate their status.

Cameroonian public school teachers have been on strike for three weeks now. Despite the government promises, not all teachers are convinced. Citing deteriorating conditions and unpaid salaries, some dating back years. Cameroonian public school teachers decided to pour the water vase, putting the education of thousands of children on hold.

‘OTS, OTS’’, is the new slogan outspoken by these educational actors. Videos circulating online portray students from lycee de Deido and Bonaberi high school students matching down the streets demanding effective resumption of classes. They chant ‘OTS’ an acronym for ‘on a trop supporter’ meaning we have endured enough.

Walking with her friends, Shalo Endah is just one of the many affected high school seniors. ‘We will have to sit in for the GCE with uncompleted syllabus. Teachers are absent and we have barely written the Mock exams’.

The death of a teacher a few days ago has grieved an entire nation and further convinced teachers like Collette Asumpta of the importance of the strike. “Our colleague Hamidou passed away after ten years of faithful service at the Beka high school, yet with no civil servant status. It is hurtful, one can say the Cameroonian state kills its teachers.”

Hamidou, former teacher at high school Beka

 The collective now demands 181 billion CFA francs for teachers return to classes. According to then, the amount is equivalent to what the states owes them. The government after concertation decides to address the teacher’s grievances, vowing to pay gradually.

The states propose to pay 25 billion CFA francs as announced by government spokesman, Emmanuel Réne Sadi. The head of state eventually urges the base salary of a teacher to be raised to 280.000 CFA francs, increases housing allowances, research premiums and proficiency bonuses. Introduce transport allowances and risk premiums, introduce electricity and water premiums, make advancement automatic and revision improvement and harmonization of special status of teachers. All these stretching to 2023.

These ameliorations seem to be unsatisfactory to the teacher’s body and their unions, they say to boycott classes until their request is completely granted. The primary sector soon joins this movement after disagreeing with Basic Education Minister, Prof Laurent Serge Etoudi Ngoa on the betterment of their situation. What becomes the educational sector in Cameroon? Many ponder