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Economic reinsertion for Cameroonian migrants

The General Manager of the National Employment Fund, NEF, had a work visit at the Missole cocoa farm to evaluate…

Missole cocoa farm

The General Manager of the National Employment Fund, NEF, had a work visit at the Missole cocoa farm to evaluate work done by some migrants.

Camille Mouté à Bidias, General Manager of the National Employment Fund, NEF, and Pascal Chartres, Director of the French immigration and integration office, IIOF in central Africa were both satisfied of the work visit paid at the Missole cocoa farm. Prove that migrants are rebuilding themselves and contributing to Cameroon’s economic growth.

This project is spearheaded by Joana Maledy and developed in the Sanaga-Maritime sub-division since 2019.
Starting with 2 hectares of land, the objective has always being to produce and commercialise biological cocoa plants without the use of chemical products .

With an Initial production of 17.000 plants in 2020, today it has increased to 35.000 plants. This with an exploitation with benefits from a storing ground of about 300m2 .

A yielding project easing the creation of six direct employees and 10 indirect ones. With an overall capital of CFA F 7.5 Million, the biological cocoa plant project has also enjoyed a CFA F4.6 million non refundable donation from the IIFO.

This assistance is as a result of a convention signed between the National Employment Fund, NEF and the Immigration and integration French office, IIFO in 2016 for the integration of Cameroon’s diaspora in France.

Thanks to the said convention, 23 projects in several regions of the country notably ; Adamawa, Centre , West, littoral and South regions received some financial aid. For a total amount of about CFA F 75.5 millions.

Over this partnership the Camille Mouté à Bidias, reminds the role of his institution “our sponsorship and support is based on the vision bearer of each project. We help them better conceive the project , build better , evaluate and present it to the credit committee. Once the project approved , the NEF will work with the promoter in its effective pick and follow up” as he declares .

An economic reinserting program Joana Maledy benefited from. She returned to Cameroon five years ago after seven years spent in France where she obtained a Masters in hotel and restaurant management.

“I went to Europe to further studies and to acquire professional experience. Upon completion, I realized it’s high time I return home to my family , and eventually contribute to the economic growth of my country “ explains the promoter

It must be noted that this program does not concern only students, but any Cameroonian who stay in France is coming to an end or irregular people who wishes to return to the country.

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