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Dismissed Miss Cameroon fires back

The Organizing Committee of Miss Cameroon Competition (COMICA) keeps getting talked about. Meeting at the La Falaise Hotel in Yaoundé…

The Organizing Committee of Miss Cameroon Competition (COMICA) keeps getting talked about. Meeting at the La Falaise Hotel in Yaoundé January 26, 2017 on the occasion of the official launch of the 2017 edition of the Miss Cameroon 2017 contest, the audience was surprised to learn of the dismissal of Julie Cheugueu Nguimfack, elected Miss Cameroon some six months ago.

Julie Frankline Cheugueu Nguimfack, Miss Cameroon 2016, designated after a vote where the public was involved, was stripped of her crown after a very controversial procedure. She was replaced not by the 1st, nor by the 2nd or 3rd dauphine, who all declined, but by the 4th.

According to Ingrid Amougou, the Chair of COMICA, the first Dauphin having resigned, the second and third having been unavailable, it was the fourth Dauphine that was retained for the Miss’s scarf. Thus Minkata Akomo Michele Ange Sandra, the 4th dauphine, becomes Miss Search Miss Cameroon 2016.”I am very happy to be able to take over,” said the now former Miss South West.

It is the first time in the history of this competition that a Miss is replaced halfway through. “We behaved like a parent but it did not work. We used a cane but nothing worked. We must not stop working. It was time to do something. Julie’s non-participation at the Miss World election is due to the embassy’s refusal to give her visa despite all our efforts. There is no question of missing other competitions. That’s why we decided to have a new Miss, “explains Ingrid Amougou. The Miss, she adds, must be a model, an example.

“I am not surprised at the turns this story takes. Removing a Miss for reasons given leaves a bitter taste. It is the image of Cameroon which takes a blow. It does not honour anyone, “said one cultural journalist. Controversy still surrounds the destitution of Miss Cameroon 2016 from the initial winner by COMICA and her replacement with the 4th runners-up in 2016.The decision of the Organizing Committee of the Miss Cameroon competition, announced last Thursday at the launch of the 2017 edition, is less surprising for sighted observers.

High-traffic institution?

Indeed, COMICA, which is accused of being a high-traffic institution, where there are all kinds of scandals, accuses the Miss Cameroon 2016 of insubordination and having repeatedly flouted the charter which she herself signed. The crisis between Miss Search Miss Cameroon 2016, and COMICA did not allow the “most beautiful woman in Cameroon”, to go to the United States to participate in the Miss World contest.

Shortly after the announcement of her dismissal on January 26, 2017, Miss Cameroon 2016, reacting to her dismissal, said experiencing more joy at seeing the smiles appear on the faces of the war victims she helped was more important to her and so was not affected by the decision of the Organizing Committee of the Miss Cameroon competition.

“They can take the crown of silver metal and the scarf of gilded cloth, but they can never take away your support, your smiles and your joys which are for me millions of crowns and millions of scarves,” the fallen Miss Cameroon wrote on her Facebook page, the one that has resolutely committed herself to supporting the victims of Boko Haram.

“Each of your smiles is my real crown of Miss Cameroon 2016; every joy brought to the little ones envelops me with a scarf of happiness,” she added. During the press conference held recently, the Organizing Committee announced that it had decided to replace Julie Cheugueu with Minkata Akomo Michèle Ange Sandra, Miss South -West 2016 and 4th dauphine at the end of the last election.

Thus ends the arm wrestling started for several months between the Organising Committee and the Miss Cameroon 2016 that saw Julie Frankline Cheugueu Nguimfack missed the Miss World contest. Julie Cheugueu then accused COMICA of having written to the US Embassy to signify that she did not intend to return to Cameroon at the end of the competition, hence the Embassy’s refusal to issue her a visa.

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