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Detained Justice Ayah’s lamentations after 200+ days of torture

It will soon be 200! 200 days since I was kidnapped by armed unidentified men on orders from above. 200…

It will soon be 200! 200 days since I was kidnapped by armed unidentified men on orders from above. 200 days in captivity, held hostage on no charge. 200 days with a failing health situation characterised by multiple cardiac attacks. 200 days under diverse forms of torture inflicted unto me FOR NO JUST GROUNDS. But my morale is exceedingly high, as I keep holding the fort, and will so do TILL THE END, with integrity, in all truth and honesty and above all, WITHIN THE LAW.

I am held hostage not because I have stolen, nor killed nor broken the law. I am held hostage because I am ‘Anglophone’, born west of the Mungo, a place wherein all its indigenes who stand for truth are tagged as terrorists. Not even my status mattered, nor the law which protects me. From that area wherein we hail, the law is secondary, anarchy is paramount.

To Parents, I say: Love your kids with all your hearts; for no one can love them better/more than you do; not even the self-proclaimed righteous. Teach them truth, hard work, integrity and honesty. Above all, delete the virus of greed and selfishness in them from the outset, and inculcate in them the value of the common good/general interest. If you so do, they will grow up to be pillars of tomorrow with a profound understanding of the value of sacrifice, the love for the other and true patriotism.

To detainees: I feel what you feel for I am in this mess with you all. I wish I could take your place and carry the cross for all. For I have lived my life, full of sacrifices for the general interest with NO REGRETS. But at any thought of you all, my heart bleeds vis-a-vis the unjust torments you undergo, you the young leaders of tomorrow. Oh, how your families miss you dearly; how much your kids/wives/kindred have missed your warmth, protection and security, for months. I pray for you all daily, hoping in confidence that the Most High incorruptible judge will grant you all HIS divine and incorruptible justice at HIS appointed time; FOR HIS TIMING IS PERFECT. May HE keep renewing the resources and the strength of your families, well-wishers, aids and sympathisers, as they share your cross.

To Cameroonians in general: Words cannot express how satisfied I am for the immense assistance you have offered me and my entire family all through and counting. The spiritual, material, legal, physical and moral assistance has been immense. I never expected this pinnacle of solidarity, even from ‘enemies’ who have dropped their slash hammer and employed their encircling shield around my family and myself. Someday, when the good Lord so chooses, I will honour you all in a special way, especially the families of fallen victim of the ongoing crisis. I hear them daily, whispering words of wisdom and encouragement to my spirit. At the appointed time, I will honour them.

To the authorities that be: You know what ought to be done, which would have been timely done to save the ‘9 stitches now required’ to arrest the bleeding wounds. May it be done in the interest of peace and while there are still openings for such to occur.

Universal children of the Most High, We will meet again, even very soon, when the good Lord elects it to be so. MAY PEACE REIGN IN AND AROUND YOU ALL UNDER THE COUNSEL OF THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD.


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