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Deacon Tassang’s second epistle to Dr Munzu

Dear Dr Munzu, Cheers. For all the fine writing and defence, you still have not made the point. Am surprised…

Dear Dr Munzu,


For all the fine writing and defence, you still have not made the point. Am surprised that as a man who has worked with the UN system, you can affirm that war alone is what will bring about the independence of the Southern Cameroons. So when did preventive diplomacy die? And what happened to the “force of argument”?

Was it war that brought about the separation of the Southern Cameroons from Nigeria? Oh! Primary school teachers could do better than today’s professors. Can’t believe this. Did I also imagine that you seek to organise dialogue with LR on our behalf and to represent us? Who gave you that mandate doctor since we don’t have? Paul Biya? How can you say the outcome of such a dialogue is open when you speak so disdainfully about “separatists”? Did I only imagine too that you turned your back on the restoration struggle after your UN job? One would have thought that with your UN experience, you’d be a facilitator for our cause. No. With your experience, you have determined that our people are destined for servitude. No, all the efforts to get things work in this Union, from Fonlon through AAC to date failed because we didn’t have one like you with UN experience.

Once more Doctor, why is that all those who advocate for federalism are in Kondengui except you? Or do you have parliamentary immunity like the very Hon. Wirba? Sorry, I forgot that you are a former UN SG, and enjoy diplomatic immunity on retirement. The government that has the effrontery to summon Akere Muna, arrest and detain Chief Justice Ayah Paul, a federalist, would suddenly develop fever at the mention of your name, so that you fly in and out, mobilising the Southern Cameroons into rebellion unperturbed. This government must really be in awe of you, you know.

Many have said you thought them Law in Yaoundé University. So Balla and Fontem, Chief Justice Ayah Paul have mandated you to represent us? What a shame! And you, Professor of Law will accept that our leaders be taken hostage so that Yaoundé can force on us sour grapes in the name of dialogue? Why do I feel disgust? Not for you my brother, but against the things you stand for. So don’t say I insulted you. Am just angry, only just angry.

As for your reaching out to your good friends, present and former, I note that I am not your friend. Is it because you have determined that I won’t be receptive to whatever yarn you have to spin? Or did Yaoundé say to avoid me? Am not surprise that you believe your own lies though.

If anything brother, your reply indicates that you sold out. If not, how can you claim that TASSANG hates dialogue? What were we doing with Yaoundé for months? Well, as a Union leader, I spent the better part of my 20years career trying to dialogue with your friends in Yaoundé so our children could have decent education, jobs etc. Did you hear that? 20years. Did you ever hear of a man called Nkwenti Simon? You want to ask his mother what he spent his own career doing?

May the good Lord grace your meeting with frank deliberations. Why not with success since you mean well?

My spirit is at peace.

Pa TASSANG Wilfred




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