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CPDM Scribe warns SW councillors of stringent repercussions of voting against party

The Secretary General of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), Jean Nkuete, has warned CPDM Councillors in the South West…

The Secretary General of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), Jean Nkuete, has warned CPDM Councillors in the South West Region of the severe sanctions that await them, if the dare to vote against the party in the March 25 Senatorial elections.

The CPDM Scribe sounded the note of warning at the Buea Mountain Hotel on Thursday, March 22, 2018, during an in camera conclave that brought together Mayors, Government Delegates, Directors of parastatals the party’s Senatorial hopefuls and the Alternates and Councillors.

Nkuete’s hardstand on the Councillors was not surprising, given that rumours have gone wild in the Southwest Region that the Councillors were planning to vote against the CPDM Senatorial list in the Region.

One of the Councillors had earlier mooted to this reporter that if the list of Emmanuel Motomby Mobomy, First Deputy Mayor of Buea Council was not validated by the party, then the Councillors will vote against the party.

The CPDM Councillors have numerous grouses against the incumbent Senators amongst which are: the inability of the Senators to effectively represent them in the Upper House of Assembly, lack of projects carried out by the Senators, lack of collaboration between the Senators and their electors among others.

Such attitudes, going by the Councillors, only help to tarnish the image and the ideals of the party in the Region.

But mounting the rostrum in Buea, Jean Nkuete said this is the time for the Councillors to show their total loyalty to the party.

According to him, their National Chairman, Paul Biya expects nothing short of a 100 percent in the South West Region. “The South West Region is a very strategic Region to our National party Chairman, HE President Paul Biya, and he expects nothing but a 100 percent,” Nkuete said.

The CPDM Scribe said since Biya has been showing his loyalty to the South West Region by appointing its sons and daughters to positions of responsibilities, as such, the Region too most reciprocate by voting for him in all elections.

Meanwhile, earlier in his welcome address, the Section President of Fako IV, Frankline Mafany Njie, promised the party hierarchy of a crushing defeat to any opposition party that will be competing with the CPDM.

Presenting the Senatorial hopefuls and their Alternates to Nkuete, Peter Mafany Musonge, CPDM South West Regional Coordinator of the Permanent Delegation, said it was incumbent on all to ensure that the party sweeps all the Senatorial seats in Sunday’s elections.

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