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CPDM official risks expulsion for accusing party gurus of homosexuality

Prof. Pascal Messanga Nyamding, a member of the CPDM Central Committee risks excommunication from the party for saying the party…

Prof. Pascal Messanga Nyamding, a member of the CPDM Central Committee risks excommunication from the party for saying the party has been hijacked by homosexuals and freemasons; says Benjamin Zebaze, Publisher of French language tabloid, Ouest Littoral.

According to the renowned publisher, officials of the party are currently looking for other justifications to eject the outspoken politician from the party. To him, other motives are needed to veil the real reason for their decisions.

“They are looking for a way to coat his departure by masking his declarations about (supposed) homosexuals who run the CPDM”, Zebaze wrote on his Facebook page last week. It should be recalled that Prof. Messanga Nyamding did not mince his words when he made the said claims over TV.

On March 19, politcian who is a lecturer at the International Relations Institute of Cameroon, IRIC, was guest on widely-watched “La Rene” talk show on Canal 2 International- one of the second most watched TV station in Central Africa- according to a 2016 survey by Pan African magazine, Jeune Afrique.

Quized on the legacy of the ruling party, 32 years on, the political scientist stated categorically that the CPDM has been infiltrated by cultists, most of whom he says, are “Freemasons and homosexuals”. It was recalled during the programme that he had, in one of his several publications, described the party as hell run by demons.

But all through the show, he blamed the said demons for the failures of the 34-year old regime while defending its head, President Biya who has been in power for almost 35 years. According to the controversial CPDM official, President Biya’s plans for the party and the country are being shattered by disloyal party bigwigs.

He also said the ruling party hates the youth. “In our party, when you are younger than 50, they think you are too young (to hold posts of responsibilities). He also said if President Biya decides to step aside during the 2018 presidential election, it will be he, Messanga Nyamding, who will be presidential candidate for the CPDM party. He also pointed out that besides him, only Rene Sadi, territorial administration minister has the qualities to the Head of State.

It should be noted that one of the interviewers in the programme apparently could not comprehend why an official would lambast his own party, to the extent of making baseless claims. He questioned the political scientists whether his reason for taking part of the programme was only to run down members of his party. Another interviewer asked why he, who is only an appointed official of the Central Committee, would attack elected officials the way he did. Prof. Messanga Nyamding hardly anwsered both questions directly.

Benjamin Zebaze suggested some party officials felt defamed by the professor’s utterances and have vowed to throw him out of the party. Homosexuality in Cameroon is a crime.