Court Halts Board Meeting As Muna Family Wranglings Persist

A court in Douala has halted meeting of members of the Board of Directors of the Daniel Muna Memorial Foundation…

A court in Douala has halted meeting of members of the Board of Directors of the Daniel Muna Memorial Foundation that was supposed to hold on Tuesday, July 13.

A judge passed an order early on Tuesday after two of the shareholders, Ama Tutu Muna and George Muna had filed an injunction against the meeting.

Among their pleas, they have been requesting the Board Chair of the Daniel Muna Memorial Clinic to submit them administrative documents prior to the Board and shareholders meeting.

Among the documents requested are the Memorandum and Articles of Association of DMMC SA, declaration of subscription for shares or list of shareholders, registration certificate of the company, activity report of the General Manager, financial report of the external auditor for 2020, resolutions to be debated and adopted..etc.

In a note to the Board Chair of the DMMC SA, two of the complainants, Ama Tutu Muna and George Muna who are shareholders argued that Tuesday’s meeting could not go ahead because the headed paper used in convening the meeting did not carry the registration number of the company, DMMC SA.

Meanwhile, among the participants invited for the meeting, they argued Ama Tutu was conspicuously left out.

Thus, they called for a clarification on various issues before the Board meeting could hold which they say will better prepare for a general meeting given that not all Board of Directors are shareholders and viseversa.

However, a counsel for the DMMC SA, Barrister Eric Bindzi said the records of the company show George Muna as a shareholder and not Ama Tutu Muna but acknowledged she is among those enlisted from all the names inheriting the estate of their father, the late S.T Muna, a shareholder.

Since his passing away, Daniel Muna( RIP) and Akere Muna have respectively taken over as administrators but Ama Tutu Muna was successful in obtaining the annulment of all judgements rendered concerning the estate of late ST Muna.

It should be recalled that on October 23, 2018, an administrative court in Yaounde found Akere Muna guilty of “concealment of documents” and “forgery and falsification of records”.

He was slammed a three year suspended sentence for five years and a fine of FCFA 10 million and FCFA 1,5 as court charges.

The decision was maintained on appeal and the Supreme Court is expected to pass the final judgement.

However, part of the board is accusing Akere Muna of taking decisions on the estate despite the initial decision from the administrative court and the final verdict still pending at the Supreme Court.

“While we are awaiting for a decision from the Supreme Court, he had been sentenced at the lower courts but he continues to manage,” a Board member said adding that they have once again seized the courts.

It should be recalled that the Daniel Muna Memorial Clinic SA was previously Polyclinic Bonanjo before mutating to the present name. It was managed by the Board of Directors made up of the eight families of the Munas.

The Muna brothers have been managing it since the passing away of their brother Daniel Muna and part of the Board members have been accusing Akere Muna of manipulation, misappropriation and mismanagement of estate funds for his personal and political gains.

Akere Muna was not spotted at the aborted Douala Board Meeting as all eyes are turned to the Supreme Court for a final decision.

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