Cote d’Ivoire: rape simulation on TV sparks outrage

The Ivorian Women's Rights League, “shocked” by the rape apology on the private New Ivorian channel (NCI), announced in a…

The Ivorian Women’s Rights League, “shocked” by the rape apology on the private New Ivorian channel (NCI), announced in a statement that it has taken legal action.“The Ivorian Women’s Rights League is shocked, outraged and scandalized by the apology and promotion of rape made by the famous host Yves M’Bella,” said the statement released Tuesday. 


The host Yves M’Bella and his team invited a former rapist on the show called “La Télé ici vacances,” to reveal how he committed his crime. 


For the NGO, “it is insulting, even humiliating for a TV channel to invite a rapist on its set and ask him to demonstrate an act of rape.”


With an inert mannequin, the guest demonstrated the techniques to trap her, and submit her under his thumb.    

 The League “condemns with the utmost energy this programme and its humiliating and degrading content for women and society, and wishes to point out that rape is a crime,” the statement stated.

 The NGO announced that it has undertaken, in synergy with the collective of activists and associations for the defence of women’s rights, to take action with the Ministry of Women, the Family and Children. 

 In this context, they also plan to refer the matter to the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication and the management of the television channel NCI, in order to take measures to avoid these blunders. 

 “A complaint for public indecency and apology for rape against the television station NCI and the host has been filed by our lawyer with the public prosecutor,’ the statement added.

 The Ivorian Women’s Rights League is also demanding that the High Authority for Communication and Broadcasting sanction NCI and suspend the host and members of his team present on the set.

 The League is also demanding that ‘the image of Yves de M’Bella not be associated with the final of the Miss Cote d’Ivoire pageant” and that the channel broadcast a programme on the fight against rape and violence against women.  

The footage of the programme, which is circulating on social networks, has sent the web into a frenzy.


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