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Cosmos launches support programme for parents

Cosmos Educational Press Ltd, the leading curriculum textbooks publisher in Cameroon is expanding her support programme aimed at helping parents…

Cosmos Educational Press Ltd, the leading curriculum textbooks publisher in Cameroon is expanding her support programme aimed at helping parents to get easy access to textbooks for their children for the 2017/2018 academic year.

This was the quintessence of a press conference at the head office of publishing house at Monté Jouvance in Yaoundé July 4, 2017.

Speaking to the press, COSMOS General Manager, Atem Emmanuel Ndeisieh said COSMOS is embarking on a broad-based initiative for the 2017/2018 school year aimed at providing more access to textbooks to pupils and students through partnerships with book distributors and bookshops that would ensure significant reduction of the budgets parents spend on textbooks. He said special offers of books range from free donation of textbooks to underserved areas including the Grand North and East regions to a significant reduction of prices in the major towns in Cameroon. In addition to improve access to textbooks, the COSMOS GM also used the occasion to inform the general public of the availability of COSMOS books since July 1, 2017.

Flanked by the Finance Manager, Tendem Paul and Marketing Manager, Christian Ndjock, Atem said COSMOS was through the press briefing officially launching its support programme geared towards encouraging more access to textbooks as far as the next academic year is concern. He disclosed that books worth FCFA 20 million will be distributed in the Grand North and East Regions in Cameroon. The beneficiaries are displaced pupils and students from conflict areas of the Far North and East Regions, particularly those living in refugee camps.

“These books have already been sent to our branches in the areas pending arraignment. This is a continuation of our corporate social responsibility programme which we carry out on an annual basis. In addition, we are extending our support to be broad-based, to enable even parents in the major towns to get books for their children at much lesser budgets. This will be by means of partnerships with bookshops which will be in charge of providing these books directly to the parents at much lower prices based on the arrangements with COSMOS,” he stated.

Atem who is also Cosmos Educational Press Limited Group Finance Director for Cameroon, Ghana, and Togo, since January 2008 said some of the books will be provided with a reduction of up to 30% and parents will be able to make savings from 5% to 30% on their books from COSMOS.

Since 1982, CEPL has been in the publishing industry in Cameroon and has continued to support education from the distribution of free textbooks to schools in remote and underserved areas, payments of school fees for underprivileged pupils and students and the provision of textbooks and other didactic materials to meritorious pupils and students during end of year academic occasions in both public and private schools.

Overtime, COSMOS has grown to now own over 250 titles in both the Anglophone and Francophone sub systems of education in Cameroon. Due the excellent content and print quality of the books, the main textbooks are currently enlisted on the World Bank/Cameroon Government project since 2014.

Cosmos Educational Press Ltd (CEPL) a Curriculum textbook Publishing Company in Cameroon, with subsidiaries in Ghana and Nigeria. CEPL also deals in water processing and the manufacturing of Homeopathic Medicines in Ghana, Togo and currently expanding to Burkina Faso.


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