Constitutional Council members sworn in

The eleven members of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Cameroon officially took office on Tuesday, March 06, 2018…

The eleven members of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Cameroon officially took office on Tuesday, March 06, 2018 before the Cameroonian parliament in Yaounde.

The event that took place at the Yaounde Congress Hall brought together admi,istrative authorities from all corners of the country.

For the first ever holding of Congress in Cameroon, it was not a surprise to see high-profile names in attendance like Peter Mafany Musonge, President of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, the newly appointyed Director of the Civil Cabinet of the President, Mvondo Ayolo as well as members of Government.

In his capacity as President of the Congress, Cavaye Yeguié Djibril read out the decree appointing the memebers of the Constitutional Council before putting out the only order of the day, “the swearing of the members of the Constitutional Council”.

Right hand raised before the flag of the nation and the other posed on the Constitution, each member is called to take the oath to “carry out their functions, to exercise them impartially, in accordance with the constitution, to keep the secret of the deliberations, to take no public position, and to give no consultation on questions pertaining to the institution “.

Constitutional council members have been fully sworn in


President of the Constitutional Council Clement Atangana leading the way, followed by his other 10 colleagues.

The ceremony draws to a close and gives an opportunity for political actot present to make their own appraisal of the body newly put in place.

Senator Jean Tsomelou, secretary general of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), hopes the institution will give greater credibility to election results.

“We will judge them by their actions, because there has been the electoral fraud for several years. We think it’s time for this to stop … and the Constitutional Council is there for regulation and impartiality … I think that’s a good thing,”he says.

The members of the Constitutional Council say they are aware of these expectations, and are ready to take up the challenge.

“This is the very first Constitutional Council. The expectations are enormous, all the more so as this Council is installed in full election year; that is to say, we have very little time to really take office and give back to the Cameroonian people, the services he is entitled to expect, “says Essombe Emile, the youngest of the eleven members installed.

His colleague, Paul Njochi Nkwi, added: “We will work impartially, because by doing so, we will serve Cameroonians.”

The Constitutional Council installed, the Cameroonian people are waiting to see what will change with the advent of this institution.

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