Comoros’ Coelacanths, Football Association bickering

The national team points the finger at the amateurism of the Comoros Football Association (FFC), which it says is unable…

The national team points the finger at the amateurism of the Comoros Football Association (FFC), which it says is unable to put it in “the best conditions” for the preparation of the 2021 African Cup of Nations (AfCON).The Union of Comoros is cracking up over its national team. The current situation between the Coelacanths and the local football governing body is no longer acceptable. After the thrashing (5 to 1) of the national team, “composed essentially of players called up on any old how” to compensate for the absence of the top players, in the Arab Cup play-off match against Palestine, the Coelacanths have decided to “break the silence” by expressing their anger.

The teammates of goalkeeper Ali Ahamada, in a statement issued on Monday, list the ills that plague their group. From the outset, the team would like to point out that most of the players were willing to respond to the call of the coach for this game, contrary to the declaration of the Comoros Football Federation (FFC).

In addition, they blame the management for not having organized friendly matches last June like many African teams. We needed, “they said, “to get together to savor and prepare” our first participation in the AfCON.

For the Coelacanths, this resounding achievement is “the tree that hides the forest” as there are flames that could ruin everything if nothing is done. Even if “money has never been and will never be a motivation to wear and defend the colors” of the Comoros, the national team would have liked the Federation to engage in discussions to set the bonuses.

But the latter, the document points out, turned a deaf ear before gradually sinking into “a strategy of contempt and lies.” If the Coelacanths maintain that “the current management” of Comorian football “condemns it to remain in a permanent state of amateurism,” they do not intend to give up.

This is why the national team has invited the Federation to “work for change” and not “for announcements without a future.” In the same vein, it called for “responsibility, listening and mutual respect” in the framework of a constructive dialogue.

The Comoros, an archipelago located off the east coast of Africa, obtained on 25 March 2021, their first qualification for the greatest continental football event. The Coelacanths, with 9 points in the bag, finished second in Group G behind Egypt. In six games, the country of origin of singers Soprano and Alonso recorded two wins, three draws and one loss.

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