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All children hiding in the bushes should come out, Atanga Nji begs SW population

Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration, has urged all young people in the South West Region, who have either…

Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration, has urged all young people in the South West Region, who have either taken refuge in the bush or acting as Ambazonia militants to leave the forest and return home.

Minister Atanga Nji was speaking at the South West Governor’s Office on Tuesday, March 27, 2018, during his maiden visit to the Region, following his appointment as Minister of Territorial Administration on March 2.

Emerging from an in camera meeting that brought together the Governor of the South West Region, four of the six Senior Divisional Officers (SDOs) of the Region, Divisional Officer (SDO) and top security officers of the Region, the new interior boss told the population that he has brought the message of  peace, unity and dialogue from the  Head of State.

“I have brought the message of peace, unity and dialogue from the Head of State. It is important to understand that Cameroon is one an indivisible and the Head of State has asked me to extend his congratulation to all the administrative authorities, that is the Governor, the SDOs, DOs and the forces of law and order for taking care of the situation on the ground in a very professional manner.”

The former Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency of the Republic said despite being victims of provocation and assassination, the forces of law and order remained professional and level-headed and did not take any drastic decision that could jeopardise the reputation of the republic.

He reiterated that his message is that of peace and dialogue. “But peace and dialogue only to those who will want to remain in one and indivisible Cameroon. A message of peace and dialogue only for those who understand that the Head of State is President Paul Biya and the only country they have is Cameroon. And that peace and dialogue will only be discussed within the frame work of Republican institutions and the law….”

He said the problems of Cameroon can be discussed without burning, looting, raping and killing anybody. The Minister said those who have come on board like the traditional rulers, motor bike riders and the teachers will convey the message of peace to their respective areas.

“…all the children who are in the bush in the villages should come out and work for one Cameroon and the parents have to convey this message to their children,” he said

Commenting on the March 25 Senatorial elections, Minister Atanga Nji said everything was carried out “in perfect tranquillity.”

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