Chad: Macron backs Déby’s son as successor

France will never let Chad be threatened by other forces, Emmanuel Macron said in N'Djamena during the funeral of Idriss…

France will never let Chad be threatened by other forces, Emmanuel Macron said in N’Djamena during the funeral of Idriss Déby Itno who died at the age of 68 earlier this week.The former N’Djamena strongman, who led the Sahel country for 30 years, was buried on Friday in his village Amdjarass, in the privacy of his family. 

The French leader, who attended the funeral, expressed the support of France and the G5 Sahel to Chad during this transition period. 

“France will never let anyone question, never let anyone threaten the stability and integrity of Chad,” Macron said during his speech.

Sitting next to the head of the Military Transition Council Mahamat Idriss Déby, son of the late president, the French leader called for unity during the transition period. 

“France will also be there to keep the promise of a peaceful Chad alive without delay, making room for all its children and all its components,” he added.

 The national tribute, held on Friday morning at the Place de la Nation, was attended by more than a dozen heads of state and diplomatic representatives.

 Mahamat Idriss Déby, a 37-year-old Lieutenant General, until then head of the powerful Directorate General of Security Services of State Institutions (DGSSIE), was appointed head of the military council after the death of his father was confirmed. 

He will lead an 18-month transition period before the holding of “free and democratic” elections.

 The Chadian opposition has rejected the Military Transition Council, denouncing it as an institutional coup. 

It has called for a civilian transition and “vigorously rejected the monarchical devolution of power.”


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