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Cavaye Yeguie Djibril re-elected at the head of Cameroon’s National Assembly

The 82 years old man maintains his sit as President of the lower house of the parliament for the 30th…

The 82 years old man maintains his sit as President of the lower house of the parliament for the 30th consecutive time with 148 votes against 01 for his opponent.

The Honorable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril has just been retained for another one-year term, in the seat of the President of the National Assembly.

The election of the new office of the august Chamber took place this Friday, March 18, 2022. It was during a plenary session held in the provisional hemicycle of the National Assembly at the Yaounde Conference centre. This session was held under the leadership of the oldest member, the Honorable Laurentine Nkoa Fegue, Epse Mbede.

At the start of the electoral process at the end of the morning, the candidacy of Cavaye Yeguie Djibril was presented by the president of the parliamentary group of the CPDM, Jean Bernard Ndongo Essomba.

The candidate presented by theCameroonian People Democratic Movement (CPDM) won the election which opposed him to Jean-Michel Nintcheu.

The latter, member of the 8th, 9th and 10th legislatures, is known for his outspokenness. He comes from the Social Democratic Front (Sdf), the main opposition party until the 2018 presidential election.

At the end of the vote, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril obtained 148 votes, Jean-Michel Nintcheu only one vote, 12 invalid ballots were recorded.

At 82, 42 of whom have served the Cameroonian nation as a deputy, Cavaye is a native of Mada, Toko Mbere district, Mayo Sava department, Far North region.

He was elected for the first time as a member of the National Assembly of Cameroon in 1973. This election led him to occupy the position of Quaestor within the Bureau of the Assembly.

He joined the Central Committee of the Cameroonian National Union (Unc) and his rise continued. In 1983, he was elected 2nd Vice-President of the National Assembly.

The former new president of the National Assembly is at the head of an office made up of 23 members, including a first vice-president, four vice-presidents, four quaestors and 12 secretaries.

The Secretary General of the Assembly is an former member of this office. The election of the other officers is conducted by the re-elected president.

As a reminder, the regular March session has been in progress since Friday, March 11, 2022 under the leadership of the age office.

The election of the new final office completed, the latter now takes over for the rest of the session and the legislative year 2022. From then on, place is made for parliamentary work.