Camtel Steals the Show at Festac opening

The Festival of arts and culture, Festac is an annual cultural jamboree organized by the Limbe City Council under the…

The Festival of arts and culture, Festac is an annual cultural jamboree organized by the Limbe City Council under the auspices of its Government delegate, Motanga Andrew Monjimba. The 6th edition which kicked off last Saturday April 6 announces to be awesome with Camtel, the country’s incumbent telecommunications operator.

Festac – Limbe 2019 kicked off as usual with the traditional sports walk. But this year’s own was particular. In a context of uncertainty following a 10 day lock down ordered by separatist fighters of the self-proclaimed Ambazonia republic, Limbe denizens stormed the front court of the SDO’s office at down beach where the march commenced with keep fit exercises. Observers hinted that at least 3000 people turned out for the march.

True to itself as a corporate citizen company, Camtel made it big. Over ¾ of participants at the sports walk were clad in Camtel T-shirts offered by the company’s General Manager, Judith Yah Sunday Epse Achidi as part of Camtel’s sponsorship package. The turnout outplayed the organisers’ projections. In unison, the marchers sand and toured the city back to the starting point with South West Governor, Fako SDO, Limbe city delegate and other administrative topnotches of the region at the front row.

Camtel celebrating unity in diversity at Limbe Festac

Along the streets marchers could read on Camtel banners “Let’s together celebrate our cultural diversity in a spirit of communion.” Quizzed on the choice of the message, the company’s sub director for commercial and corporate communication Benedict Ndinwa said “we are a state corporation and as envisioned by our general manager Judith Yah Sunday Epse Achidi Camtel is supporter of efforts that boost the unicity, oneness, cultural diversity and promotion of living together. It is only when these elements are strongly upheld that we can lasting peace and of course you know without peace we cannot do business. As a commercial company we are keen to promoting peace so that our business can thrive to the satisfaction of our millions of customers and stakeholders both within and out of the country.”

A healthy mind in a healthy body

In his speech, the Festac vision bearer and Limbe city delegate, Motanga Andrew Monjimba thanked Camtel general manager Madam Judith Yah Epse Achidi for the strong support towards the successful holding of Festac 2019. He said if Camtel could do all this meanwhile we contacted them at very short notice then imagine if we inform them on time. “We look forward to a sustainable partnership with Camtel for growth of Festac,” Motanga said.

Meanwhile apart from providing jerseys and T-shirts for the sports walk and finalists of the canoe race, traditional wrestling, thug of war competitions, Camtel is said to have handed Festac a huge financial package. In addition to these, Camtel has furnished the festival village with ultra-fast mobile internet connectivity for free all through the festival.