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CAMTEL partners with SatADSL to connect Cameroon

Cameroon’s national telecommunications provider, Camtel, has partnered with a provider of professional VSAT services via satellite, dubbed SatADSL, to provide satellite connectivity…

Cameroon’s national telecommunications provider, Camtel, has partnered with a provider of professional VSAT services via satellite, dubbed SatADSL, to provide satellite connectivity across Cameroon.

Going by a press release issued by officials of both companies, the formal agreement follows a pilot launch of SatADSL’s range of competitive satellite connectivity solutions across a variety of public and private enterprises and communities in Cameroon, including schools, post offices, hospitals and banks.

The release states that SatADSL now plans to integrate and deploy its VSAT services across the country, enabling Camtel to offer competitive broadband packages to even the most rural areas.

“We chose to partner with SatADSL because its solutions will enable us to target the widest possible spectrum of end-users, meaning the broadband services will truly benefit entire communities,” said David Nkoto Emane, CEO at Camtel. “SatADSL’s knowledge of the region and technical expertise played a big role in the pilot’s success and we look forward to extending the project.”

Under the agreement, SatADSL will fulfil all of Camtel’s satellite connectivity requirements across all frequency ranges, Ku-, Ka- and C-band.

Camtel is the latest telecommunication operator in Africa to deploy SatADSL’s services which are offered through the unique Cloud-based Service Delivery Platform (C-SDP). The complete OSS/BSS, carrier-grade, fully redundant platform allows operators to easily outsource satellite services, reducing the cost of providing ubiquitous connectivity by enabling fast, flexible and future-proof satellite connectivity via the cloud for the first time, eliminating the need for physical infrastructure.

Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at SatADSL Caroline De Vos said: “As an organization that strives to bridge the digital divide in Africa, we are delighted to partner with Camtel to blanket Cameroon with much-needed connectivity. Our innovative C-SDP also means Camtel will be able to offer highly competitive packages for a range of end-users.”

About SatADSL
SatADSL is a satellite Service Provider which designs and offers innovative satellite networking solutions to banks, microfinances, broadcasters, NGOs, Governments, ISPs, telecom operators and other companies in Africa and the Middle East in remote areas or where terrestrial infrastructure is not reliable.

Founded in 2010, SatADSL has already installed more than 3,000 VSAT networks in more than 45 countries. It specializes in providing tailor-made solutions based on customers’ specific requirements and flexible service plans that meet its clients’ budgets.

Through its carrier-grade Service Delivery Platform (SDP), which integrates the most advanced technologies, SatADSL provides custom-made networking solutions, tailor-made service plans and value-added services, including hierarchical service control and monitoring, traffic prioritization and online billing and payments, for any frequency band and any access technology.

About Camtel
Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel) is the national telecommunications provider of Cameroon ( Created in 1998, the company provides operators across the country with a fiber optical network to enable services such as Internet access, Voice over IP (VoIP), VPN connections, security, and so on. Camtel aims to enhance connectivity in Cameroon by maintaining, installing and operating telecommunications infrastructure and provide essential services to the whole country.

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