Cameroon:Yaounde COVID-19 centre overwhlmed by patients

With the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cameroon, health workers at the Specialised treatment centre in Yaounde have pointed…

With the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cameroon, health workers at the Specialised treatment centre in Yaounde have pointed out the increase in the number of patients received on a daily basis.

Just three weeks ago, activities and traffic around the centre were not dense and traffic in front of the centre situated around the Mvog Mbi neighbourhood was fluid.

Fast forward to last Saturday and the place looks “silently” busy as patients are ferried into the centre from ambulances much to the helpless looks from family members who watch at a distance across the road.

“My brother has been admitted into this centre and we are waiting for news from the doctors since morning. We hope he can be better,” said Jacqueline Emana, a who is almost in tears as she scouts for the least positive news of her brother who has already spent days at the centre.

Not far from her, another family all dressed in black looks helplessly in the direction of the centre. They are trying to negotiate the burial of their loved one who passed away but have been told burial will only take place in strict respect of prescribed measures. A couple of coffins are also lying around the corner, probably for other family members who had come for the mortal remains of their relatives.

The gloomy nature outside the centre almost paints the intense work that’s being done inside by health workers and how overwhelmed they have become.

According to information gathered on site, over thirty patients are admitted at the centre on a daily basis as the centre is becoming overwhelmed with patients.

In the centre, over two dozens of patients are on respiratory assistance while the bed occupancy rate has increased as can be seen in the various wards where just few beds are left. In a ward that is set to take up to 60 patients, just close to half a dozen beds are free.

This increase in the number of patients equally warrants a boost in the number of health workers as the Minister of Public Health has deployed additional workers to the centre, according to Dr Arouna Nchare, health worker on site.

If there were any doubts on the resurgence of the COVID-19, the mood and atmosphere around the Specialised Centre for the Fight against COVID-19 at the Mvog Mbi neighbourhood, casts all those doubts calls for the continuous respect of barrier measures.

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