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Cameroon’s IDPs to receive humanitarian assistance next week

Persons internally displaved as a result of the crisis rocking the North Weskt and South West Regions of the country…

Persons internally displaved as a result of the crisis rocking the North Weskt and South West Regions of the country will begin receiving assistance next week, the Minister of Territorial Administration has said.

Paul Atanga Nji made the declaration on Thursday during a press conference organised at the Ministry of Communication to present the next phase of the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan.

Alongside the Minister of Communication, Paul Atanga Nji made it clear that all is set for assistance to begin streaming into the two English-speaking regions of the country.

Waves of violence have been recorded in the two English-speaking regions of the country in the past week with ,the death of security officers recorded, roads blocked and violent clashes between separatist fighters and security forces.

This has forced many to raise doubts over the effective distribution of aids to the affected communities given the violence is far from being contained but Atanga Nji is adamant the Government has taken every necessary measure to ensure the process is smooth.

“Globally the situation (in the North West and South West regions) is under control,” Atanga Nji said.

“We have pockets of resistance …which can not really hinder the deployment of the activities on the field. I think that the message should be clear. We are carrying humanitarian assistance to a population affected by atrocities created by people who don’t belong to this country,” Atanga Nji said.

He firmly stated that the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan was conceived with the help of the military and assured the population the military will provide the necessary security so that the assistance gets to them.

“I sincerely believe the forces of defence and security have taken appropriate measures … so I want to tell you that everything is under control, we have pockets of resistance but (they) can not disturb the plan of action put in place (because) the forces of law and order have taken appropriate measures,” he said.

On his part the Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary said the Defence and Security forces had carried out outreach programs like providing medical assistance as well as food stuff to the affected population and will continue to do so.


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