Cameroon:Paul Biya tasks Ambazonia separatists to drop guns

Cameroon's President Paul Biya has called on sepearatist fighters in the country's North West and South West regions to drop…

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has called on sepearatist fighters in the country’s North West and South West regions to drop their guns or face the law.

Paul Biya made the call on Tuesday November 6 in his innaugural speech at the National Assembly as he embarks on a new seven-year mandate.

Paul Biya task the separatists who have picked up guns against the nation’s institutions to drop their guns for peace to return to the regions while promising to use all means possible to bring peace and stability back to these regions.

“These war-mongers who are jeopardizing our national unity and preaching secession should know that they will face not only the full force of the law but also the determination of our defence an security forces,”Paul Biya warned.

Paul Biya regretted the fact that some Cameroonians in that part of the country were unable to vote because of the insecurity but promised to bring back peeace in the regions.

Paul Biya’s call comes in as Cameroon’s security forces have launch a search for over 70 students who were kidnapped in the early hours of Monday and taken to an unknown destination by suspected armed separatists in the North West region of Cameroon.

No group has claimed responsibility for the act so far but a video has appeared online showing a gunman with eleven of the children in an unidentified location as the children are forced to say their names and where they come from.