Cameroon:Nyan gets new traditional ruler

The people of Nyan, Bangem sub-division in Kupe Muanenguba Division have heaved a sigh of relief following the enthronement and…

The people of Nyan, Bangem sub-division in Kupe Muanenguba Division have heaved a sigh of relief following the enthronement and installation of their chief after seven years of vacancy.

The joy that engulfed Nyan Palace esplanade on the sunny morning of Saturday 7 November, 2020 translated the anxiety the people had to the build-up of the historic event. The turnout was massive as it was easier to know who was absent among the elite than those who were present to witness the enthronement of HRH Chief Joseph Ekukwe Nkoke as the 3rd Class Chief of Nyan village. The arrival of the Divisional Officer of Bangem, Felix Kanga signalled the start of the event which was marked by traditional and cultural displays.

The traditional rites performed by the powerful secret society in the Bakossi land “Behon” who brought the chief from the shrine to the throne left many visitors spellbound. This gave way for the official installation by the Divisional Officer of Bangem who challenged the new chief to ensure the unity of the village which was hitherto shrouded in disunity. The DO reminded the traditional ruler that as an auxiliary to the administration, he must ensure peace at all times. This, he urged him to support the vigilante committee in order to protect the village and particularly the schools. DO Kanga lauded Nyan for its contribution to bring peace in Bangem sub-division adding that “Bangem sub-division says no to violence.”

While exhorting the youth to engage in agricultural activities, the DO reminded them that the Seed Multiplication Centre constructed by the South West Development Authority (SOWEDA) is a great opportunity for them.He assured the population of development projects earmarked for the village such as the 30KV electricity project to cover some eight villages in Bangemsub-division including Nyan. He further urged the elite to follow-up the extension of tarred road to Nyan during the construction of Melong-Bangem road.

While thanking the government for development projects carried out in the village this far, the people of Nyan through their spokespersons prayed government to provide the locality with a health centre, good roads and electricity amongst others. The event was also an opportunity for the village to celebrate some of theirs recently appointed and elected to positions of responsibility notably Brigadier General Ekongwese Divine Nnoko, Mayor Ekungwe Christopher Kang of Bangem Council, Prof AwangOllongKinsgley of the University of Bamenda and Police Commissioner Eric Ekongwese who all answered present.  Cultural manifestations crowned the event which is seen as a new beginning for the village.Chief Joseph EkukweNkoke, a retired Gendarmerie Brigade Commander takes over from Chief Martin SongeNkoko who died in June 2013.