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Cameroon:Lectures effectively kick off at State Universities

Lecture halls and amphitheatres at the eight state universities are back to their busy nature after the start of the…

Lecture halls and amphitheatres at the eight state universities are back to their busy nature after the start of the 2021/2022 academic year.

Classes effectively resumed in most of the state universities with newly admitted students rushing to get a feel of university life on campus.

The year effectively took off at some universities on Tuesday, October 5 while others followed suit the next day as the effervescence is progressively building up on various campuses.

With a few lectures here and there, the first week on campus has mostly been marked by orientation discourses to the freshmen and women of the various universities while other students are gradually returning to fulfill their registration formalities before intense classes begin.

Other institutions like the University of Douala, set the ball rolling for the new academic year with an open door day to sell the various products of the institution to the public.

On its part, the University of Buea that just released the first list of freshmen and women last weekend, timidly started operations on Wednesday, October 6 with an orientation session.

But it has been an effective start on campuses like that of the Universities of Maroua, Ngaoundere, Dschang…etc

Digital Challenge

With the serious business already rolling on campus, various State Universities have a bigger challenge this academic year; that of consolidating the digital achievements in the past academic year in order to better respond to the growing demand of the student population.

With the university population set to increase this academic year as a result of the high success rate in the official examinations last academic year, the Rectors and vice Chancellors were recently tasked by the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo to ensure the exponential development of the university digital system.

Thus, the construction and equipping of ten University Digital Development Centres will help improve on the pedagogical environment of the in the higher education sub sector.

In the following reports, Cameroon Insider takes a look at the atmosphere that prevailed at the campuses of some of the State universities on the first days of the 2021/2022 academic year.