Cameroonians encouraged to engage in Apiculture

The economy of Cameroon could receive a huge boost in Cameroon's economic drive and development if farmers are strongly encouraged…

The economy of Cameroon could receive a huge boost in Cameroon’s economic drive and development if farmers are strongly encouraged and trained in bee-keeping, the Israeli Ambassador to Cameroon Ran Gidor has said.

He was speaking in Yaounde on Wednesday during a ceremony to mark the World Bee Day that was celebrated on May 20 across the globe.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted by consensus a resolution declaring 20 May as World Bee Day. Every year on this day, the attention of the global public will be drawn to the importance of preserving bees and other pollinators.

In this light, the Emabassy of Israel in Cameroon ensured the day was commemorated in Cameroon thanks to an initiative from the Israeli embassy which sees bee-keeping as crucial and essential in human survival.

Bee-keeping is a means of development and provides an opportunity for families to be empowered economically, H.E Ran Gidor said as he encouraged Cameroonians to engage in the practice.

One of such Cameroonian groups which the Israeli Embassy is encouraging is the Ladies’ Business Network, LBN which was invited to share experience on the day as well as received equipments to help them improve in bee-cultivation.

Presenting the activities of the Ladies’ Business Network, Alice Kamga outlined the three characteristics of Bee-keeping which are environmental, agricaultural and economic.

She stressed on the importance of preserving the enviroment in order to provide a safe habitat for bees which are essential human survival. Bees produce honey which can be sold or consumed, they are used to produced body lotions, soaps, are medicinal amongst a wide range of economic benefits, Alice Kamga said.

This is the reason why the Ladies Business Network has trained over 120 Cameroonian youths in bee-keeping since 2015 and creates at least 25 jobs each year.

The figures are even more impressive when added to the number of Cameroonians trained in bee-keeping by Israel through the Mashav program.  Israel being one of the leading producers of milk and honey is open in training more Cameroonians in the trade and this is demonstrated by the numerous Mashav courses available in the various sectors, H.E Ran Gidor said.

At least 65 Cameroonians benefitted from Mashav courses last year in Israel, making Cameroon second only to Kenya and the Israeli Embassy is committed to esuring more Cameroonians benifit from the program in the future.