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Cameroonian youth pledge to promote national unity

Youth in Cameroon, under the banner of the national youth council, have pledged to foster national unity and revive the…

Youth in Cameroon, under the banner of the national youth council, have pledged to foster national unity and revive the spirit of patriotism in their respective platforms.

The pledge was made on Wednesday May 3 at the Yaounde multipurpose sport complex in the presence of government authorities, renowned lecturers and private stakeholders. The event organised in the wake of the prevailing Anglophone crisis which has threatened the peace of the country and in prelude to the upcoming national day is an initiative of the youth of the centre region.

During the ground breaking event, various speakers and lecturers took turns in encouraging youth to be patriotic, preach national unity and shun secessionist tendencies, which they say, are propagated by a few individuals. According to them, when citizens love and respect state institutions, it encourages a stable economy that would attract foreign investors, and consequently usher in economic development.

Varsity don, Professor Mathias Eric Owona Nguini, speaking on the uniqueness of the Cameroonian nation said youth need to maintain the legacy which fallen patriots fought hard to achieve. “The younger generation must try to preserve and consolidate this legacy, for this is what defines us Cameroonians as a people and a nation.”

On his part, Jean Baptiste Binyam Bakeck, a graduate from the International Relations Institute and PhD student urged youth to be advocates of peace. Talking on the Cameroonian youth and the axiology of peace, Mr. Binyam said for peace to thrive, all parties must take responsibility.

Most of the activities during the forum gave the youth the opportunity to better understand and appreciate the need to live in unity and harmony, as they exchanged ideas and showed their unity in diversity.

Meanwhile, in an ecumenical service, clergymen of various denominations prayed for peace, unity, economic growth and responsible citizenship. The clergy equally used the opportunity to appeal to those who wield political authority in Cameroon to use the rich natural, human and financial resources, which God has blessed the country with, to improve on the lives of the citizens.

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