Cameroonian journalist narrates personal battle to lose weight in new film

Rewind 12 months ago and Dania Ebongue could not stand and watch himself in front of his mirror as his…

Rewind 12 months ago and Dania Ebongue could not stand and watch himself in front of his mirror as his 153 kg weight was getting the better of him both physically and mentally.

Fast forward to last Friday, July 17 at the Muna Foundation in Yaounde and the slim looking journalist at state broadcaster, CRTV was projecting a film on his journey to lose weight.

Dania Ebongue had shed off 50 pounds and there was no better way to share his experience than in the film “Pourquoi et comment J’ai perdu 50kg”.

“I used to eat a lot without control. I took in a lot of fatty food stuff, sugar salt and even my drinks did not help,” Dania Ebongue recounted.

He had put on a lot of weight which was basically affecting his daily activities as well as lifestyle as it dawned on him that it was time for a change.

“When I could no longer bear the weight, I had to see my physician who advised me I will have to lose some pounds by making a lot of sacrifices,” he said.

These sacrifices ranged from a complete overhaul of his diet to regular exercises and well as a strict medical follow up.

The tasked seemed difficult but Dania said he was ready to pay the pay in order to shed off the burden on him.

“My life style completely changed and people did not believe what was happening to me,” he said.

Drink beer with friends in the evening had give way to plenty of water and tea while eating after 6pm became a thing of the past for Dania as he embarked on his journey.

In addition to his diet, he put himself under serious exercise, trekking from his Mballa II office to his Mendong residence at least thrice a week.

One year on, he is a man completely transformed but he cannot be complacent with the sacrifices he has made. On advice from the doctors and dieticians, he Dania said he will continue to watch his weight and size by keeping to a controlled diet and continue with exercises.

Projecting the movie of his journey to losing weight to Dania is a means of inspire and encourage other persons who are battling with their weight never to give up but to be determined and focused. He will be taking his crew to other towns across the country to project the film and inspire several other persons.

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