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Cameroon:How Fru Ndi Got it all Wrong on Ngala Gerard

On Sunday June 2nd, 2019 Fru Ndi was guest on Media Prime TV’s flagship programme The Point with ace journalist/Tv…

On Sunday June 2nd, 2019 Fru Ndi was guest on Media Prime TV’s flagship programme The Point with ace journalist/Tv host Kum Leonard.

In the course of the interview, Fru Ndi alleged that separatists are the ones preventing the SDF parliamentarian for Nkambe Central, Hon AwuduMbaya from visiting his constituency since the escalation of the crisis three years ago. How did Ngala Gerard’s name find itself in that interview? Is Ngala Gerard a Government minister?

Who is stopping Awudu Mbaya from going to Nkambe?Is it that the so called separatists who have been allegedly blocking Awudu Mbaya from going to Nkambe have now relocated to Santa? Could they be the ones who stopped him from going to Bamenda to pay homage to fallen staunch SDF militants in the likes of Hon Dr Joseph Banadzem, Madam Tandap and Bernard Tosam (late Mayor of Bello)? Surprising indeed.

I didn’t know an experienced politician like FruNdi could go this low and allow himself to be misled and used by his stooge from Nkambe against Ngala Gerard. Oh no! I understand AwuduMbaya is FruNdi’s “Government deal broker”. He is the one striking deals between government and the SDF as well as chief organiser of NEC meetings which have now been transferred to Yaoundé, so why would FruNdi not stick his head for him? But when? Why now?

FruNdicould be heard in the above video insinuating that Amba boys facilitate Ngala Gerard’s movement from Douala through Santa, Akum, Nkwen, Bambui, Bambili, Sabga, Ndop, Bambessi, Wainamah, Jakiri, Sob, Kumbo, Tatum, Ndu then Nkambe? If that’s the case, then he’s a tough guy. Some sort of a joke I guess! They should frame it better next time and not only try to destroy a young energetic,charismatic and dynamic politician (NGALA GERARD) whose people have decided to listen to and stay on course peacefully during this trying moment in the life of the country.

He is a frank speaker and was one of the first Anglophone politicians to acknowledge that there was a problem that needed an urgent solution. In a bid to spare lives,I saw him undertake several trips to his native Nkambe where he is CPDM Section President and cautioned his people on the need to stay vigilant, collaborate with administrative and security/defence authorities while ensuring effective schools attendance. This has angered Amba fighters tremendously such that they are bent on eliminating Ngala Gerard by any means possible.

They say he is a traitor and must be wiped off. Last February, they burnt Ngala Gerard’s two road construction equipment (a grader and a compactor) worth over FCFA 230 million. And mid-March they attempted to set his Nkambe duplex ablaze but for the timely intervention of neighbours, vigilantegroup and security forces who were on patrol. So now tell me; how come FruNdi says these same sadists who want to impoverish Ngala Gerard and have him wiped off are the same protecting him, giving him a safe passage to Nkambeand ensuring his safety each time he goes to Nkambe? What a paradox!

This poorly and hastily crafted smear campaign can’t work. FruNdi even went as far as saying that it is the army that votes. My question is this; so the thousands who have been marching behind Ngala Gerard as we all saw during 11th February 2019, 24th March 2019, 20th May 2019 all these years were soldiers right? What is Nkambe to have tens of thousands of soldiers until some are marching for the CPDM? This is simply ridiculous and mean. What about the spanking at the 2013 twin municipal and parliamentary elections in Nkambe where the CPDM under Ngala Gerard stewardship defeated SDF under Awudu’s leadership and candidate? Is it the army that also voted as FruNdi claims?  The huge following Ngala Gerard has in Nkambe is not by error. It is fruit of selfless service to the community.It is fruit of the efforts he has put in for the past decade in preaching peace, love for one another, empowerment and community development.

Gullible and feeble-minded miscreants would sheepishly say he buys people to march for the CPDM in Nkambe during big events. How much can you give somebody that would worth his/her live?

When Gerard Ngalais going to Nkambe, hechooses to be accompanied by either the military or any other means that best suits him.Nobody knows how Ngala Gerard does to get to Nkambe. But what I know is thatFruNdi and his cohorts refused military escort to Kumbo during their MP’s burial and we all know the reason. It is for the same reason thatAwuduMbaya can’t go to Nkambe under military escort since he does not want theAmba boys to feel betrayed since they(SDF bigwigs)had been supporting these secessionist/terroristsuntil they discovered the Amba boys were inflicting untold pain and misery on fellow compatriots.

They are now trying to frame the story in a different way as if Ngala Gerard is working with AMBA boys in order to freely travel to or carry out activities in Nkambe.  Come to think of it, if people could talk to AMBA boys and make the environment conducive like in Nkambe where there is peace,effective schools attendance and no ghost town or lock down, then that is a feat! And if all this could happen in any community, that means there are no Ambaterroriststhere-in. That means the community has chosen the path of peace while waiting on the government to bring concrete and lasting solutions to their problems.

I may not be a fan of the CPDM but I’m a diehard fan of Ngala Gerard for rallying his native Nkambe to stay peaceful and for making sure that those innocent children go to school and businesses are able to operate. We saw him of late in Nkambe supporting the needy, the muslims, borroros and several youth and women’s groups. We saw him pay bills of patients in hospitals in Nkambe during one his visits recently and evacuated scores of other critical cases that required surgery and paid the bills. These are the kind of politicians and elite we want to see. Kudos Ngala Gerard.

Mr Ngala Gerard, for the fact that the Fon of Nkambe, HRH Fon Ibrahim Jabfu Nfor, a wise leader,saw the WARRIOR in you and conferred the very prestigious title of TA NFORMI on you speaks volumes. Pay no attention to these detractors of yours who are scared and threatened by your unmatched popularity. The slur campaign they have launched to tarnish your image is so cheap that observers are already suggesting that they need a better strategist. Why now? Because elections are fast approaching right? With all due respect, Mr Fru Ndi I think you know better and should do better than these under the belt blows. You can fool a people for some time but not forever.

The Nkambe Man is now enlightened and knows what is good for him. Mr Fru Ndi we you are reputed for being jealous and envious of people who attract attention on the political scene especially in the North west and south West. You want all the attention to be focused on you and each time you some other person emerging you do everything possible to silence and suppress them. Please concentrate on your SDF bootlickers and allow the CPDM alone. I am not even sure they worry about you so why spend so much energy denigrating them? You fighting tooth and nail to deceive the international community into believing your fraudulent thesis that Amba is a CPDM creation.Grand pa that will not work. Your lies and deceit no longer sell coz your time is up.

Old man, get some rest and allow this young man to grow. I am not from Nkambe but I beseech you to leave Nkambe alone and concentrate on your native Baba where you people stage kidnappings every passing day. Why were u kidnapped and released same day without any ransom? Are u different from the long list of officials who have been kidnapped and kept for weeks and released only after ransoms were paid? People now know the real you!

Let the Nkambeelectorate choose who can best represent them at the various levels. Ta NformiNgala Gerard you are an epitome of exemplary leadership and your love towards the common man in your community is very telling.

It is pretty cheap and mean for FruNdi to want to use the Anglophone problem and Amba brouhaha to soil Ngala Gerard. I know FruNdi and his “best pupil” AwuduMbaya are freaking given the grounds Ngala is breaking every passing day. But it is good to remind them that it is this same Ngala Gerard who delivered the Nkambe council from the SDF’s “barren” 22 year rule. Just take a stroll down town Nkambe today and see for yourself what the council under CPDM has done in just a single mandate. That’s why Ngala’s popularity keeps growing by the day and the SDF is aware and scared. But why not face him like Manly Men instead of going below the belt?Should I say you guys are NOT MEN ENOUGH?



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