Cameroon:HOFNA’s voice for grassroot women in promoting peace

The Executive Director of the Hope for the Needy, HOFNA, Christelle Bay Nfor has stressed on the role of grassroot…

The Executive Director of the Hope for the Needy, HOFNA, Christelle Bay Nfor has stressed on the role of grassroot women in fostering peace.

She made her voice heard while participating in the development of the German Government”s 3rd National Action Plan (NAP) on the Women Peace and Security agenda.

Her participation of the Women Peace and Security Agenda falls in line with HOFNA’s activities to mark this year’s International women’s Day.

“I am excited to have participated in the launch of this inclusive masterpiece that will positively transform the face of WPS globally,” Christelle Bay said.

“By giving an opportunity to grassroots women leaders like myself (and bringing grassroots voices into such an important and transformative space) through participation in the Development of such an important plan of action, shows the commitment of the German People around giving priority to the different EXPERIENCES and IDENTITIES of women during supposed peace times as well as times of wars. This is also important as it provides a path to recognize, challenge and address those structural inequalities (patriarchy, gender-based violence etc), gender norms and power dynamics that characterize the peace process and prevent the realisation of the purpose of UNSCR1325.

“I am excited that the NAP brings in an uncommon perspective to the realization of the WPS agenda: humanitarian support as one of the pillars in the action plant. This brings in an often overlooked aspect of peace and Security in the WPS Agenda: #HumanSecurity.

“I see this 3rd NAP as a great turning point in the German efforts to promote the effective realisation of the purpose of UNSCR1325 and I have this strong conviction that such a NAP makes the future of peace (and WPS in particular) clearer and closer.”

Speaking to 100 grassroots women leaders in the first ever National Workshop on gender-based violence and localization of UNSCR1325 organized by HOFNA with support from the German People, the Deputy Ambassador of the German Embassy Mme Bennemann said;

“The relationship between our organisation and the German Mission in Cameroon has been amazing with over three years of uncommon realisations with grassroot women organisations.

“Before the most recent which took place in Yaounde in December 2020 focusing on GBV the localisation of UNR1325, we have trained thousands of grassroots women, community leaders, single mothers and internally displaced women in a variety of activities with the objective of preventing and ending gender based violence and enhancing the effective participation of women and girls in peacebuilding processes.