Cameroon:Gov’t hits back at US diplomat over comments on Kamto, Anglophone crisis

The government of Cameroon has hit back at the US under Secretary for African affairs over comments he made regarding…

The government of Cameroon has hit back at the US under Secretary for African affairs over comments he made regarding the detention of Maurice Kamto and the crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

The US diplomat who is about to tour some African countries including Cameroon said over French radio, RFI that the government of Cameroon needs to be serious in the management of the crisis in the North West aand South West regions of the country.

He equally called on the Biya regime to release Maurice Kamto, leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement and all his supporters detaineed over a month ago.

The government of Cameroon through the Minister of Communication hit back on Tuesday saying the diplomats comments paint the wrong picture of the situation on the ground and is an atteempt to interfere in Cameroon’s affairs.

Communication Minister Rene Emmanuel SADI said Cameroon is a state of law and political activities are regulated by set rules in strict legality which have to be respected by all parties including the Camroon Renaissance Movement.

He stressed Maurice Kamto was not arrested for his political convictions but is detained and charged with rebellon, hostility against the Fatherland, insurrection and only the courts can determine if he is guilty or not.

On the Anglophone crisis, Rene Sadi said it is the government’s responsibility to protect the territorial integrity of the nation as well as protects citizens and their goods in the face of attacks from ‘secessionist terrorists.’

He stressed all security measures taken by the government so far are in conformity with international conventions on human rights.

The government of Cameroon has provided solutions to the initial problems raised be they political, socio-economic or social all in the interest of the nation, Rene Sadi said.

The Communication Minister concluded by praising relations beetween Cameroon and the United States of America and said both nations will continue to work together in order forge these relations with mutual respect.