Cameroon:Bamenda City Mayor steps up fight against Coronavirus, ghost towns

The City Mayor of Bamenda Paul Achobong has taken a series of measures in the past days as he intensifies…

The City Mayor of Bamenda Paul Achobong has taken a series of measures in the past days as he intensifies the fight against the COVID-19 in his area of jurisdiction.

He has embarked on a vast campaign to disinfect all markets in Bamenda which continued this week at the Bamenda Main Market.

However, in his fight against the COVID-19, the City Mayor equally had to take measures to tackle the ghost town operations in some parts of the city

Thus he had warned all traders to open their shops on Monday, April 13 to facilitate the work of agents in charge of the disinfection exercise, without which they will be sealed.

The City Mayor thus matched words to actions by sealing defiant shops that remained closed as the disinfection exercise took its course.

“They will only be reopened after payment of a FCFA 50.000 fine,” Paul Achobong said.

Accompanied by the Mayors of the Bamenda I and II Councils, the City Mayor led the disinfection exercise to the military barracks as well as the Bamenda Central prison.

The population has been asking for accompanying measure to help alleviate the weight as they embark on respecting the measures to prevent the COVID-19.

To respond to their plight, the Bamenda Council organise a massive sale of food stuff at a much reduced rates, notably 300 bags of rice, vegetable oil and soap.

These measures come to add to the others taken by the Bamenda Council recently, notably the suspension of the payment of rents as well as market tolls for the next two months.

Announcing the measure last week, the City Mayor, Paul Achobong said the Nkwen Main Market, Food Markert, Ntarikon Market are the principal markets concerned by this decision. The measure will be applicable for the months of April and May.

“I want to stress that this decision does not concern all the markets of the Bamenda City Council area but those under my control. The other markets directly under the control of the sub divisional mayors are not concerned. However, their mayors could take similar measures to help the traders,” Paul Achobong said.

He said the campaign to disinfect the city and well was the clean up campaign launched weeks ago will continue in the days ahead as he urged the population to continue respecting the measures put in place by the government to prevent the spread of the virus.